Relationship advice please

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    @dexy102 ok following people on instagram is whatever as a man but only liking secy pics is crazy. I like everything i pass through because i believe people spent time for it and my one like apprecoates them for trying.
    But paying for their sexy pics? Thats too much. Thats straight cheating and lack of interest in your girl. I wouldnt do that even when im single.
    @dexy102 please save your self from someone like him and leave him. If you arent enough for him , he can go f him self with those pics

  • Gamers Live Chat Regulars LurkersForLife

    @dexy102 okay i have read your last posts regarding the start of your relationship and all. The most important thing is honesty which you didnt have from the start. Idk if you had told him about that guy or not . If you had, its probably his way of getting back to you which is childish.
    Also as a person have respect for your self and if he doesnt respect you, dump his fucking ass. Being single is waay better than being in a toxic relationship without any trust on either side.
    Also you can always dm about these stuff if you want and talk about what you are dealing with.

  • @dexy102 I have someone that I like doing kinda the same thing and I'm zuper sad..just hope he will change someday to be a better fine person

  • @dexy102 i suspect you're fighting a lost cause here. Liking the pictures is disrespectful to you. Paying for them, I'm lost for words. Do you want to be slapped in the face emotionally like this? Thought not. You know what you need to do

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