• I lied to this guys 2 years ago about my age and he was about 3-4 years older than me. We met through a game and then talked on a chatting app. We started growing feelings for each other although we never showed how we look like. He did a lot of the dirty talking, which I was too young to understand what he meant. He asked how I looked like but I was too scared to show him in not the actual age he thought I was. We talked one more time and then, we haven’t talked ever since. I realized he had unfriended me on the game and I got mad and blocked him from where we chatted. I still feel some guilt and haven’t forgotten what I had done to him. Please share your true thoughts and advice I really need it.

  • @aligau123 Well I don't think that you can do anything about this although I could be wrong but it's better to forget about it and move forward which might be extremely difficult if you really did have feelings for him but you actually need to get over it and start anew.
    Well that's just what I think and I wouldn't call this an advise but an opinion of what I think of the situation.
    Good luck...

  • Lol, just forget you did something so stupid and move on 😑🍻

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