• So im a pregnant 22 year old. The guy who i think is the dad just recently decided he wanted to be apart of me and my daughters life. We had been on and off for 2 years before we decided with one last night of regret that we would officially end things. Well i then ended up pregnant. After he left for a couple months i met someone who lives 2 hours away from me. I fell pretty hard for him but we never made anything official. i drove out to see him and then he drove out to see me and my parents. well when we decided to try and start making things more serious the ex popped up and said he wants to fix things. so me and the new guy started to distance ourselves. Well now me and the ex are a month into fixing things but as history is repeating itself, we are arguing constantly and im jealous of all of the "friends" he has. they are either exes or girls who flirt with him. (reason why we have been on and off for 2 years; also i would accuse him of cheating because of convos he had with these friends). I am now to the point where i dont think i want to work things out with him anymore and i want to focus more of my time to the new guy. i trust the new one and we have a lot in common. we can have conversations that dont end after 2 seconds. my ex and i dont have much in common and we hardy ever talk about anything other than arguing. The new guy has already said that he would adopt my daughter as his own and wants to move where i am to be with me. ex hasnt helped with anything. hasnt bought anything for my daughter. spends most of his money on his car or hanging out with his friends. though he is making the decision of getting his own place. wants to get a place for us to be a family, but everything with him has always been broken promises. basically idk what to do anymore. if we dont become a family then he wants to go to court and make things harder on both of us. but if we stay together im scared that im going to miserable for all the wrong reasons. i feel that i should end things with the ex and be happy with the new guy. I am looking for any advice available. Please help.

  • i believe in my opinion and based on my experience, that your ex is not a real man that cannot held a responsibility in a long-term relationship (vide: your ex wanted to be apart with you after you are pregnant and everything with him has always been broken promises). the other guy is the real gentleman that can hold a responsibility (vide: The new guy has already said that he would adopt your daughter as his own and wants to move with you). if your ex will go to court attend the trial, i know that will cost you a lot of money for a service of a lawyer, but i believe in your country you could have a free legal aid by your state. i believe for your better future convenience you should make a family with your new guy, but in a matter of legal system for parental rights if you dont have much money to buy a service of a conventional lawyer aid, i believe you could have a free legal aid by your state. im sorry for bad grammar and cheer up! -mockingbird-

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