How to be a good setter? Volleyball advice please!

  • My girlfriend has been my ultimate fan. She has been my greatest supporter since I became a varsity volleyball player of our school. I even played to a lot of international games already, met foreign tours, and experienced battles with great players or opponents. But now, I’m facing a new chapter of my volleyball life. My coach converted me to be my team’s setter. This is not new to me since all of our teammates set whenever the first ball comes to our main setter. But he has graduated already. My coach wants me to take the responsibility of being the playmaker in our team. I accepted the challenge with a big heart. Now, how do I become a good setter? Need advice please!

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    @player2018 Before you ask if Im “qualified” enough to answer this question, Ive played volleyball my whole life. I played indoor volleyball for 6 or 7 years and I played beach vball as a hobby year round, and beach competitions two summers in a row. i played a middle hitter the first half of my career, until I got switched over to setter as well because they had forgotten to pick a setter at tryouts.
    I pulled my hamstring my last season, and now I can no longer play, or even squat without being in pain later.
    But anyways. Setters are supposedly the “key point” of the team. If there is no movement, the pass is pointless. No set, no kill, no point. Often times the coach picks a leader to be the setter because theyre the ones calling the shots. Shouting for everyone to move out of their way, calling who is spiking next. In other words, when you get into that position, own it, and dont be afraid to be loud and ready to give others instructions.
    I assume that because you were picked it means you are a good setter, but if you arent, just comment back and tell me to add videos. The main idea behind setting is to keep your hands loose, but your wrists somewhat firm. The ball should only lightly touch EACH fingertip before you push it off.
    And last but certainly not least, BE READY TO MOVE. You arent always going to get that perfect pass, in fact, that rarely happens. At some points in the game, its back row’s goal just to get it up. Especially if the opposite team has a good hitter. That second touch of the ball is YOURS. And you only call help if you know youll be sliding on the floor and missing it.
    I wish I had paper with me right now, but I just woke up and dont feel like searching. But ask your coach to show you which parts of the court go to which hitters. In other words, if you run to the far left corner, its a good opportunity for a back row person to hit.
    If you are in the middle, right behind the middle hitter, derp, it goes to the middle hitter. Typically you pick whichever person is in front of you. Unless the front row is behind you, thats when you go to the coach for their preference
    In any case, chill!!! Im sure that you are gonna be fine 🙂

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