• I really like this guy that I work with. He's 8 years older we've been talking as friends since I started there a few months ago. He's really sweet and everyone who works there loves him even my best friend who's worked there longer than either than us and has known him for 10 years. He's great with all the little kids and annoying adults that come in. I'm still so young and scared of how I feel about him. I think he actually likes me. We've talked about him taking me out on a real date and what our first kiss would be like. My friends always act weird when I talk about him and get all judgy. I honestly believe age is just a number. But what will my parents think? Both of them know him, but not through me. My dad is good friends with his cousin. And my mom has seen him around. How would they react if they knew he was more than just a work friend??? okay now I'm basically just ranting if you have any thoughts or advice please reply.

  • @call-me-l can i ask how old are u? I'm not judging, I just wanna know. Yes age is just a number but if you're like 10 - 12 years old it matters. But if you're in a young adult age, there's nothing wrong with it. I just wanna tell you that it's important that you know yourself enough, what you want, and what you're capable of. Relationships are great for life experiences but if dealt in the wrong way, could affect you badly. I wish someone told me this before I started having relationships. Hehe but everything turned out great. btw, why do you think your friends react that way? you should talk to them. might help you a lot.

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