• Hi, so I'm in 8 grade (yea I'm young) and there is this boy in 9 grade I think he's really cute
    The big deal about is that he was on my dreams few times before I saw him in person at my school
    Our classes are next to each over and I know his name
    He does pay attention to me because I saw him looking at me few times
    I feel like I like him but I don't know him and I don't want to like someone I don't know
    I also feel like I will get to know him at summer at my summer job
    But how do I get him to pay more attention to me & even get him to talk to me? I'm really shy about this and afraid of doing the first move....

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    @daniw I mean, the only way to get his attention is to make the first move. Go up to him and start a conversation, and things should escalate from there 😉

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  • It's not really that hard ...See ,the secret With Guys is you have to be direct...
    You want him ? ...he's gonna be yours !!
    You just have to take charge.

    Now I'll tell you my 3 steps of getting any guy :

    1>Grab him by the Neck.

    2>Shove your tongue down his throat.

    3>Say "Want more ? ...then be my b*tch."

    Now ,Enjoy your life with him as your love slave.

    If the slave starts rebelling ..Pee on him to show dominance.

  • @daniw hey follow me let's chat

  • I'm really horrible with advice but if you wanted to we could be friends
    I'd love to try to help you along the way 🙂
    if you'd like to, just message me 🙂
    I hope to hear from you soon but its your choice.
    I wish you luck.

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  • personally love the paper airplane idea!

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    @daniW I know it's hard to make a first move, believe me I've failed. Once you do it you'll realize it isn't that bad, even though you might get rejected.

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    wait for him to make the first move.you doing the first move is a risk and your feelings might get hurt and your view about boys would probably change. If u win in doing the first move, you will have him and be happy but If you fail, you will pay a lot emotionally specially cause u have made the first move and you are young. If he really likes you, He would make the first move but If he is just looking at you like he does to other girls, He would never even start a conversation with you. Try to be busy in till summer maybe with your friends and then you will be in contact with him in summer over some work.

  • @daniW Just say hi in passing. It wont hurt you and he'll notice you

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