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    Hi, I need relationship advice. Me and my best friend we have been friends since last 2 years. We were very close. We share everything with each others but 2 weeks ago I blocked her on WhatsApp only and she hasn't been contacted me since then. Usually when I blocked her on WhatsApp she calls or text message me in week or after some time but it's been 2 week and she hasn't been contacted me. I blocked her because she was not talking with me like before it felt like she was avoiding me or ignoring or not giving attention to me. I got angry and said bad things to her like that you talk with others and not replying me or avoiding me and many things. After that I blocked her. I'm confused should I call her or text her first because I don't want her to feel like I need her too much like without her I can't live. I just want her to call me or text me one time but I'm afraid if she will not call me or text me I will loose her. She's the only friend whom I share everything and talk about everything. It feels good to talk with her mind refreshing. Any advice

  • Stop with the games. Follow your true heart, and do what you feel would be the right thing, even if the results you receive may not be the ones you hope for. You can choose what you do, but you can't control the outcome. Be honest, and real, and hope for the best

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    Yes, you need to contact her, if I read right she wasn't paying what you felt was enough attention to you and you had a hissy fit

    She might decide she can't be bothered with you anymore, if you want the friendship reach out and apologize

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  • @INSANE-INSIDE Good vibes. Many thanks

  • @Lazz @INSANE-INSIDE Thanks for replying. My heart, I want to talk with her every single day, I miss her too much. I'm afraid it's not about calling today it's about what will happen after that. Look, I can call her right now. You know what will happen. We will start talking and it will be nice chat like 30min to 40min and after that good by take care and everything but the problem is tomorrow or after that when she will not receive my call or not reply me then I will get angry with her again and will fight with her. It's like I'm addicted to talking with her and when she doesn't talk with me I got angry and block on WhatsApp things like that happens.

  • @guest sir, you need to really work on that. Your obviously in live with her, relize things the heart wants often doesn't happen, she has her own things to do as well and can't focus on you all the time, and wont, you need more friends and activities to help you not obsess so much. Concider the world from others point of view

  • @INSANE-INSIDE this is why I haven't been contacted her. Because I know my problem but I also don't want to lose her. So, what do you think should I need to do contact her or not wait for her message or text?

  • She might not call so if you wait except that there may never be a message
    If you message her you must work on it, I do suggest talking to someone

    I fucked what could have been a solid relationship with stupid immaturity and when I reflect I still kick myself, you will to if you don't do something, if it's not too late already

  • @INSANE-INSIDE well, we are on the same job the problem is I'm on night shift from 1month so after this month my 2 months will be completed and I will go back in day shift with her. So, we will clash with each her everyday and then she might talk with me. And
    off the topic
    Do you think? if I will marry with someone else my addiction of her will go away and I will not give much attention to her. I mean then we can be good friends she also tell me many time find girl and marry someone.

  • Don't work like that, only time and distance can change things unless something happens that suddenly changes your mind. And if you married another hoping to forget someone how the hell if that fair to who you marry? Them your using someone and will end up hurting them, not cool

  • @INSANE-INSIDE you got it wrong. Look she's my best friend only I think of her like sister not gf or anything. I have feelings for her but not like gf type I never think about making her gf. Well, she's already married. I just want us to be friends. I want to marry someone whom I can share my feelings and everything. I can't love my best friend so I want someone whom I can love and live with.

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  • Yeah, I don't have anything to add, I think your feelings run deeper, your reaction is over the top, speak to a counselor or Chaplin or what ever is available to you