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    What do you think of having a friend with benefits?

  • Personally i think that it doesnt work, One Off you will develop feelings for the other sooner or later take it from experience.

  • @snpem69 Hmmmm,
    I've only been lucky enough to have this situation in my life once (arguably twice). The first time was great... it just kind of happened. I'd see my mate, things would just happen, we were both happy and then we went about our separate ways each doing our thing. The relationship went on like this for months and months... tbh eventually we did get together. This was great for a time to, since we already knew each other inside and out.
    We split and didn't frequent each others company for a number of years, then randomly we ended up living on the same street, almost straight over the road... her with her family, me with mine.
    I've known her since I was 12yrs old.... and through the good times and bad, family issues and the family milestones we've always been there.. so for me, it worked... was a good thing.
    The second time we were a relationship that was more like friends with benefits.. didn't last long, but while it was on ... it was on!

  • How about we give it a try virtually

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