• I give up trying i messed my whole life up I want everything to stop i'm sick of trying to be cool cuz these people out in this world don't like me i look in my reflection disgusted at my face body voice what i see everyday i was a accident i miss him but he don't he changed i'mSTILL UGLY......................

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    You'll get past it, and it will get better :)

  • @bushmurry No i will not

  • be more positive, bet you aren't ugly anyways, sure everyone fucks up their past, shit isn't handed to them, learn from those mistakes, don't change yourself to fit in, try to find similar people like you, and last but not least, if you want to talk I am here @Jada-Fooks

  • @jada-fooks If he was willing to get with you in the first place, it probably wasn't because you're ugly ;)

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    a positive attitude is the best thing you can have and it will always help you

  • @jada-fooks fuck the world sister. Sit down and enjoy a caprisun. Cuz sweetieee we goin for a ride. You get so used to seeing the same face every day in the mirror, only from your perspective, you have an inability to see what others can see. I’ve never met you in real life. But it’s typically the most successful people that underestimate themselves the most.
    The society is fucked. Period. Don’t argue with me. What they find beautiful is sickening. Honestly. We are taught about being unique starting at a young age, but those same people that teach us that, are the same ones sitting back and supporting the fads. Don’t fall victim to that. Work that damn body. Because if you act confident, then ain’t nobody gonna say shit. And if they do, message me, I’ll beat their ass, pinkie promise.
    In my experience, everyone finds the imperfections in themselves. In school they only speak about the bad grades and what subject they stink in (math, ew). In work they only talk about how much they don’t get done. Instead of allll the files they completed, etc etc. and the biggest one, the one people complain about most is their shortcomings on being beautiful. There is no such thing, because every face is different, every body is different. Everyone has different nose sizes, tit sizes, booty sizes, eye shapes, hair style. And that’s whats most beautiful. To see the different combinations that the universe has made. And you, you are one of those beautiful creations.
    No more ugly, because I bet you are beautiful, in every single fucking way. Don’t focus on the “ugly”, take a look at all the things you do love. And if you can’t find any, you aren’t looking hard enough :)

  • @jada-fooks Pro tip: stop giving a fuck and start working on yourself. Only then will you realize that you don't need to be cool or blend in with others.

  • You're just depressed and self pitying is kind of working for you now

  • hey,i sometimes feel like i wanna give up but when i think back,its better if u work hard n never feel bad of yourself.in that way u will feel happier.im sure u will find someone better who is loyal to you and never betray you.

  • @jada-fooks so tell me what is cool? What is ugly? It’s all a matter of perspective I’m sure people think I’m ugly. I’m sure people think I’m uncool. But you know what I could care less what those people think because I know there are people including myself that think I’m a pretty cool person, and in my opinion no one is ugly they are beautiful in their own way. So chin up and fuck the standards society has set on what’s cool and beautiful

  • @jynextremist said in I give up.............:

    a positive attitude is the best thing you can have and it will always help you

    Fuck the world and follow your heart

  • Babe... you just wasted your good energy on a bad person.. and well that's not a waste.
    you gotta learn what lessons he taught and move on ahead in life.
    YOU are beautiful. YOU are blessed. YOU are great. People love you.
    Everyone has ups and downs.. that's LIFE.
    Giving up is not an option.
    Listen... Everytime you are rejected, you are actually directed to something better.
    Get Up.. YOU just got stronger.. Celebrate it. GOOD LUCK.