• Claire, Can you feel the ache in my chest?
    Claire, Can you touch the cracks in my heart?
    Claire, Can you tell where my soul begins,
    And where it's been torn all apart?

    I'm made of sharp edges and pieces fit with super glue
    Claire, Can you feel it?
    I'm a heartless enigma and a soulless slice of truth
    Claire, Can you feel it?
    Enemies make the best friends and now I hate you
    Claire, Can you feel it?

    Lies are like a bullet to my heart, filling me with holes
    A feeling of emptiness overwhelms me, a space too bold
    Trying to hold on tight to a tangle too tied to unfold
    Lost in a web of pain too damaged to be controlled

    I'm made of broken glass, chipped and shattered
    Claire, Can you feel it?
    I'm an empty shell of something that once mattered
    Claire, Can you feel it?
    Pieces are falling, a love now bruised and battered
    Claire, Can you feel it?

    The harmony of injustice is ringing in my ears
    A lullaby of sweet nothings and my childhood fears
    A common trend unfolds, a chorus of chants and tears
    A pain ripples through my body and the monster finally appears

    Claire, Can you feel it? Can you feel how much I need someone like you to ground me, believe in me, be my better half

  • Nice write!!

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Cosmic_Lady I read this Tidf and weep at the pain I feel in your words. At the thoughts that travel my mind and at how my soul screams in rage at your suffering. I have not the time to make a proper reply but I hope this will suffice till I have more time.

    Oui Mon amour❣️ un million de fois oui❣❣️ je n'en mérite pas mais trois fois plus oui❣❣❣

  • @Cosmic_Lady
    U smoke cigs? That’s so sexy. And makes me hard.

    My neighbor and her 11 yr old smoke 2 at once and blow in my face and that got me to try it

    Omg taste sooo good

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @smokeladies I’ll ask you to kindly keep your pedo self away from me and my Amour. And by kindly I mean stay away or else.

  • @Cosmic_Lady @Wicked_ You two are sweet

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