I feel empty, too empty

  • I’m at a point in life where I feel lost. I’ve had a long relationship with a person who I thought I was in love with but I feel like I’m falling out. All I want to do is see people talk about their other half or hear peoples experiences to feel something. I don’t know if that made sense. I wish I could relive the best times of my life. Right now I can’t be happy for long before I’m back to feeling empty. This person was my best friend too to make it worse

  • Lemme tell you this fam : FEELING LOST IS COMPLETELY NORMAL.
    So to make you feel at home, here's my story;
    It hasn't been easy for us. Mostly due to her anxiety problems. But honestly She is the best thing that has happened to me. Sometimes, but still sometimes there are moments when I doubt myself, and at that moment she is there for me. And at times when she starts to weaken, I stand there as her rock. Thats the beauty of it my friend, doubts will come, but when you give your whole to each other, without expecting anything in return, then you'll be able to live it fully. Its okay to be vulnerable with the person you love, and when the doubt starts to arise, talk to them about it, and go through it as a team👍 . Thats what we did.

    The anxiety is to the roof for me. I want to give up and lock myself in my room. I’ve tried to talk about this in the past because I had doubts as you said and they just respond negatively to it. They have also said in the past they didn’t love me anymore and then that’s where my doubts started up. After everything we have been through I feel left hurting everyday. Maybe I don’t know how to forgive or I don’t forgive myself. I feel trapped

  • @anonuwu
    Sometimes, some humans are not your humans
    Its is extremely brave to go out there and talk your heart out, if they can't respect your feelings then they DONT DESERVE YOU.
    and I know what anxiety is like, I've had my fair share of handling the random panic attacks, but honestly afterwards when I see her smile, thats enough incentive for me to keep on going.
    So Find A Human who treats you with respect, cause you're better than that and you know it

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