• Recently on my maternal side of the family we've experienced a string of deaths one after another.The people who have died, haven't really impacted me but I'm afraid it's impacted my mother alot. How can I help her cope with the loss of her brother and other loved ones. I hate to see her cry and I cant help her out.Any suggestions are highly appreciated. And the deaths arent corona related if you were wondering.

  • Send ur time with her ☹☹☹ so she can get distracted from that thoughts


  • @Ihateualll Geralddd:(( she could be feeling stressed cos she feels even more alone so uh I guess you gotta talk it out with her, help her realise that you got her back I guess. Idkkk I’m terrible at emotional shit cos emotions suck! Either ways I’m sorry for her loss broooo

  • @Ihateualll Tell her to practise this everyday for only 10 minutes(or even much more if she wants):

    1. To close eyes
    2. To Breathe normally
    3. To Focus completely on the feelings of breathing
    4. To Count the complete breaths
    5. If mind wanders, it should be brought back to the feelings of breathing
    6. To Continue
    • Make her remember that if she is a good person someday in the afterlife she will meet her relative again
    • Make her remember that sorrow is just an emotion & focusing on sorrow will increase sorrow
    • If she is spiritual/religious instruct her to find resilience in her religious beliefs. An important purpose of religion is to provide resilience against anything

    Hope this helps

  • @Babloo We are a big family so she always has someone with her, thanks for the suggestion though.

  • @ShayThatBae
    With the lock down and all these deaths I am really afraid something will happen to her yk. Like I said to babs, we all support her but she prefers to be alone. And yeah emotions suck and i really dont know how to deal with them myself. I just wished the deaths were more spaced out. But thanks for the suggestion.

  • If u have big family then its lot more easy to make her try to be all together with her everytime and see how it goes xd i hope this works 🙂😇

  • U can spend time with your mother ,talk to her , don't let her to remember all those incidents, make her happy,help him in household chores i will pray to god she will be fine soon

  • @Ihateualll Your mother has lost multiple loved ones in a short span of time. Sudden outbursts of sorrow is a very natural response and even desirable one so that she expresses herself and doesn't suppress any emotions. As much as you might hate to see her like that, try to accompany her when this happens. If she insists on having some time alone (minutes, hours) , let her have it, but make sure that she is accessible and reachable. It's alright if all this doesn't exceed a couple of weeks.

    Get her involved in her former routine in order to keep her occupied. Any hobbies or activities which capture her mind will definitely help. You might also wanna convince her to try new activities, tasks etc.

    Try all these in addition to the breathing exercises suggested in the comment by Moshiach. Breathing exercises can have tremendous positive effects. Amicable social circles and spiritual beliefs are often helpful in coping with sorrow.

    All the very best to you and your mother 😊.
    Feel free to reach out.

  • @Ihateualll The same spendin time with her nd maybe makin some memories nd stuff? idk Helpin her with dinner nd others?Lol srly idk but do check up on her once in a while but not tht often
    Thx for the follow back nd daym u didnt text on pub :( Cya XD