• Help Me Understand why are we in this world

  • a simple post in this barely known website probably wont solve the most asked question of all time. You can question why you do things but only until a certain extent. I believe that that extent is the earth. As long as you go beyond the earth and the solar system, milky way and so on everything starts making less and less sense. Maybe that's because of how irrelevant we all are. We're nothing compared to the size of the known universe. So you can suppose that there is no reason why we're in this world. Of course the butterfly effect can occur everywhere in the world. One day it might trigger and we can be the reason or the place affected by this occurrence. There's really no telling, at least with the knowledge we have at out hands. Maybe we could be a simulation that's to see how life would be. Maybe the creatures simulating also don't know why they're there and they want to see what we come up with. Anything's possible.

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    @edgythoughts-wmv wow, are you like a physicist or something :O

  • @jynextremist I am a 15 year old boy that's been left to think for a bit too long. I get intense when something's about philosophical stuff. :D

  • @sir-devil In order to better understand this, let us imagine a situation where there's no death. Think of a world like that. It might seem like a utopia. A Salvation of Humanity.
    But it's something far from. It's Stagnation of Humanity. Without Death, we won't have a motive for improvement. There won't be an improvement in anything. Many things would stay the way they were forever.

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    hmm, niyat i have to think tooo much, feeling too lazy to answer


  • @kim-jung-un said in If we're going to die why were we even created?:

    What is Heaven? Why does someone I don't know determine where I go after I die? What if he doesn't exit at all? There is practically no evidence of someone like that. What is judgement anyway? What are the principles we have to live by? Why are they like that? Who set them like that? Why are you letting some unknown entity control your lives and the way you live them? What is a good deed? What is good at all? What is a bad deed? What is bad at all? What happens if I have more bad deeds than good ones? How long is eternity? Living forever anywhere would be a nightmare( I already talked about that in another

    Just a couple of questions I have about your religion :)

  • @girlnextdoor because life is a game

  • @croboy28 What's the end goal? How do you win?

  • don’t think about this.it drives you crazy.just live and try to be kind with the world.

  • @girlnextdoor To contribute to the Universe's entropy, helping it all end faster. :D

  • @girlnextdoor Well it's useless to think about it.Just enjoy it.A happy life is one spent in learning, earning, and yearning. We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. Life isn't about finding yourself.

  • But what if we were not created but came into this state through millions of years of evolution during which we lost immortality held by microbial in favor of more complex cellular structure?

    In other words, we die because we died for millions of years. There no other way. Death is just a part of the cycle. We live because we die.

  • @sir-devil After thinking about I myself will present a counter-argument to my statement. I said that there would be no improvement. There might be because Humans are lazy. We would improvise things to make ourself more comfortable. There's also Overpopulation. We might invent Space Travel to accommodate the ever-growing population. Even if they are not made for the common people, the wealthy might influence some to invent it for them.

  • @sir-devil Now a counter-argument to my counter-argument. First, Won't economy collapse if something like Immortality was achieved?
    Secondly, I wrote that statement with the assumption that we would be achieving immortality in our current state and in a way that every single human being in this world achieves it too. Something like that would be the least probable. Humans being an immortal from his origin or select Humans becoming Immortal is more probable than that. In the case the former, my original statement still stands and in the case of the latter, it would be a privilege, nothing of those matters there. Anyway, in case of a hypothetical situation anything goes, I guess?

  • That's like saying why do we have chocolate bars if when you eat them they don't regenerate.

  • We are here for developing inner strength to get peace and to get spiritual knowledge for the for the peace of our soul...

  • @sonam-gupta Yeah...no..

  • Were were brought into this world to die the only time u were truly living was inside the womb soon as u came out u were dieing theres nothing after we die we get put in a hole far enough down so no one will smell us and there we are forgotton

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