• What do you guys think is the most important thing in life is... ?

  • Get paid, get laid, gatorade

  • @Rkedia being a good loving nurturing parent to my children. Nothing comes close even though there are many other things i care deeply about. But they are MY responsibility alone


    @Rkedia The pursuit of knowledge and purity of spirit.

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  • To be content

  • Recognizing the Absolute

  • The most important thing is not to have a home, a job, a love or friends to count on, but health, and only when this is lacking is it possible to realize its preciousness. In fact, if one has a home, a good job, a love and even friendships but is prey to a terrible disease, everything vanishes, everything loses its meaning, its value, its importance: it is as if everything around it dissolves and nothing more is. able to make us calm and happy. Love, friends, money can make the disease less burdensome but what it does to us inevitably passes through good health. You can be the wealthiest person on earth, you can have a highly rewarding job, you can be at the top of the management system, you can be a head of state or government but if you are not in good health you become weak, fragile and in need of everything. Between wealth, beauty or fame or whatever, I choose health

  • @Shardana certainly there are things more important than wealth, beauty, or fame etc but we often times don't get to choose our state of health, like a person suffering from some sort of chronic disease or cancer or could be anything. at that moment no matter how much we try our best to get over it, we just can't! ..that time all that a person needs is love, affection and association of his beloved people. I mean what's the point of having a good health when there is no one in our lives with whom we can reciprocate our feelings and emotions. No doubt health is necessary but not the only important thing in life and that's right- things do lose their meaning if a person goes away but that shouldn't condemn us from having a purposeful or meaningful life. because one day or the other we'll become old and weak, that time if there is no one in our lives then what's the point? that also doesn't means that we should be running after wealth or fame or beauty or puffed up of our status, NO! big no! that too will lose it's meaning. People now a days are very much in to these things.. they love things and use people to get it, but people are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used.. things just can't give fulfillment to the heart only meaningful love and relation can! ( not any superficial relations, NO!)
    This is, I guess is the most important thing in life.

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