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    Life.... What is life? Ever ask that kind of question once in your lifetime before? What is the meaning of all this? Is there even afterlife? Or is this the only life we had?

  • Y'know sometimes you see a dense cloud of birds in the sky, and they're swirling round in such a way that it sometimes looks like a solid object? It's like that.

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    the meaning of life is to eat as much garlic bread as possible without anyone noticing~

  • The meaning of life is to create memories . To love, to feel pain to choose who you are and who you will become. The meaning of life is to overcome lessions and challenges to learn and grow. To manifest love and raise children , the pursuit of happiness has many flames that can burn you in many ways or you can allow it to shine a light that ignites your beauty within. Hope this helps #AshesRise #balence

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  • who gives a flyin f*ck? this is here and now... make the most of it!

  • I don't think there IS an external meaning to life. YOU make your own meaning. YOU decide what is important. That is not a cop-out. Read on. I'll admit I'm biased in a particular direction. That direction is science. In terms of religion: at best I'm agnostic and at worst I'm atheistic. I soak up and love the books for non-scientists by Stephen Hawking, Lawrence Krauss & others. The two mentioned, give excellent arguments for how "all that is" (the Universe) could easily have come about in the absence of any supernatural god. No god, no external meaning given to existence. I'm fine with that. In fact, I MUCH prefer it. I don't wish to be an eternal "child" of "the father." If we haven't already, it's time to "grow up" realize our situation, and work on dealing with it. Dealing with it means making the best of it, learning to live together, taking care of our planet, making plans for eventually leaving our planet and our solar system (because our Sun will become a red giant, and fry the Earth) and colonizing the nether regions of space. Far fetched? Yes. What are the alternatives? (Just as an addition, Lawrence Krauss shows how the Universe could have arisen from nothing - empty space. It's not a foreign concept in physics to have particles pop into existence from nothing. Hard to believe, but it's true.)

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    @cam177 Great answer, but there is this conspiracy theory where there are this so-called "unknown" entity that actually related with the supernaturals beliefs and they're trying to convince people that they're God exist that is..however, depends on the person's religion through their messenger (Jesus,Moses,etc) hences it goes from generation over generation. Not saying the messengers lied about what their talking about but this "unknown" entity just trying to convinced them that Yahweh is The Only One, Yeshua Is The Only One..etc. Also, there might be no afterlife...but there is this "unknown" entity that is/are still trying to fool around with the human's mind into believing there are rewards and punishments in the afterlife if they believed however in the Only One True God and they'll do whatever it takes to convince other people using supernatural phenomenon.In conclusion, personally thinking, this "unknown" entity might not be a Demon or an Angel, or even The God itself as the religion messengers(Jesus,Moses etc) claimed it to be but probably an Alien trying to manipulate and control humanity? Who knows?

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    @AshrsRise I like this one haha

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    Sometimes it's not about life, but the people's stories within it. Cuz you see, no analyzes the shelf, but the stories.

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    @Indrid-Cold do you understand how ruined your clothes are now? That's how deep you went into the water.
    Posts like these are golden, and I suggest you write them in my post : Sometimes When I Talk It's Not Out Loud.

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    @Tag to be banned from this site according to u dude 😂😂

  • @Tag exactly.. isn't that fantastic that we have no creator given purpose and we can live under no pressure of fulfilling anything.
    We can explore life to it's ultimate and can seek truth.
    We can make our life ecstatic and we can destroy it
    Also.. I know this is out of context but I would like to say that it is not in our hands what life throws at hua but it completely depends on us what we make out of it

  • Don't look for meaning, the more you look for something, the more obvious it becomes that you lack it. Life has meaning , the more you look for it the harder it is to understand

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