Life is beautiful but tough

  • Alr so, I hv a weird thing of myself that I overthink a lot of stuff everyday and keep wondering about life. What exactly do u think is life acc to u and how do u wanna live it. We all go thru so many things and we are strong. But does that really mean we deserve so much pain too sometimes?? People say those difficult times are a test and u gotta pass in it. Shit never ends in ur life. Never. Yeah we can all work it out and be okay but are you actually healed? Or jus avoiding a situation so u don't fall back in the dark place. Healing takes times for sure but why does it take so long to move on from something really bothering us. Other people say some problems are not actually big as much as we make an issue look big. They say we are too emotional or jus taking it too personally. What if the thing is personal. That's why it hurts ig. It might be a small issue to you but for the person suffering it can be a huge problem. It's your perspective different than the one suffering. But when it happens to u too, u go down as well. So, no problem is too big or too small. If it bothers u, work that out. I tried avoiding a lot of stuff but I realised I'm not actually healed. Could say felt okay for a couple days but somewhere heart and mind are still disturbed. Everyday goes by so fast and a new day is passing without u even knowing how a new tomorrow Wil be. Expectations are too high. Live today. But what is life tho. We try to hide and be a cover sometimes cuz of our reasons. They say it will be okay. When??? I believe a little it will be okay someday but now it seems like just a quote to make u feel better but jus isn't true. How do u feel most times. What makes u think and feel those emotions. Rn idek where I'm going with this topic lol but jus what is life. If it hurts, why. Is it a luck? Or u make ur own luck by working it out. If u r not okay. That's alr. We all are at a point not fine. Till then be there for each other jus how u would want anyone to be there for u. It's their problem if they use u or wtv but u tried ur best. So many things to dig in so much more to it. Life...

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    @Aimss1035 Life sucks but you gotta focus on the good things about it. Look at beauty all around you. Love your friends and family. You will always have something shitty happen but remember it is true that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. You have the power to be happy regardless of what you situation is in life.

    Like a wise beautiful person once said.
    "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy" - Nightbirde

    Your feelings matter, big troubles or small. Own your feelings... recognize you will get past the bullshit.

  • @The-Mods thank u!! Appreciate it. But acc to what I been feeling, I think there is emotional pain. Noone would allow anything or anyone to break them but sometimes notices in ur head can get louder to ignore. Adults sure have huge problems like could be financially or anything. But i heard a lot of stories from my friends even. The way they let it out and show their emotions just say how real it is and how they feel and still just keep going on. At a point in life there will always be a time u breakdown, even tho u don't wanna allow it, it jus takes over. Nd yea take over it rather but it's okay ig.

  • @Aimss1035 Yeah you are right , but thats when u constantly remind urself that nothing is worth sadness the past is gone and the future is unknown so look at the moment and make use of it.

  • @Aimss1035 Happiness comes with content , confidence and Truthfullness . How to be content ? Accept that everything happens good or bad Is in ur favor to see more and grow wiser and become stronger . Theres no such thing called emotional pain , what u feel Is what you allow . How to become confident ? Is by feeding ur self with goals to achieve but start with easy tasks and small ones . How to be True ? Never live In the Lie that everyone will love and like you , accept tha diversity of life and say what you see is the truth and live with It . Hope I helped you.

  • @Janet that was really great!! Yk they say life is a battle nd u gotta fight alone in it. Yeah it's a real struggle but smh so much and so tough to handle. And people sometimes say that acc to what u age, if it's a teen they say that u haven't seen enough life and your whining abt it I jus hate that. They never know what that person is going thru! They probably can't hv an idea either. How tuff

  • @The-Mods yes. That true! Thank youu!! 🙂

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    @Aimss1035 Bright side we're aliveezgif-3-e0c0d1215357.gif

  • @Cold-Sun...... Lmfao😂😂alright!

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  • @Cold-Sun haha thank you!!!

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    @Aimss1035 wow this is so truuu!! Life does go by so quick and we never even realise we’re still hurting from something that happened until it’s too late. Ur so right in saying people seem to always think ur over exaggerating even tho they don’t even know how tf ur feeling. Sometimes it is hard to appreciate each day for how it is when ur hurting but ig we all just need to stay strong and pull thru. Stay strong tho gurllll ❤ ❤

  • @Olivia haha yes olibe! right. jus keep going and put some music on. let it out if u want , it feels better. but be urself and strong. u got it. its ur life , ur control! ❤

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    @Aimss1035 yess! ❤


    trying to make way through the hardship and living each day on its merit by making enough good memories to overlap or fade the bad ones away and achieve something in the process is nothing but the life I suppose


    @Aimss1035 lol seems like nothing escapes your eyes 👀


    @Aimss1035 oop- you made me choke on water 🤯 what do you know about me 👀

  • @Aimss1035 Again I've read somewhere that "Life is like an year and pain, suffering, happiness, sadness, anxiety and every other emotions we possess are like seasons which keeps on changing irrespective of the need to be changed".

    As much I've learnt from life is that we have no control on the seasons i.e.(pain, suffering etc) as it's universal it will happen when it's the nature's need but what we could control is our response in the reflex of the change.

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    personally, i think that life is more of a test (if your religious). its like karma kinda? and like life doesn't get it lol. people who try and put you down, have a problem in their life so they bully others so they relieve some of their pain by giving it to someone else. pain wont ever go away, it may be buried deeeeeep down, but it is always there.

  • @GodStranger ig u wanted to post here but u did the same one in Blythee's 😂

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