• Having a womanizer father is terrible. It makes me hate men in general but I didn’t go that far gladly. My mother was one of his mistresses and I am the product of such misdeed. My mom didn’t know he was married but was not blessed with a child because his wife is barren. When
    she knew the truth, she cut all ties with my father.

    My Dad didn’t take his responsibilities to me. Instead, he continued having an affair with different women from USA. I grew up with his promise of coming back when I turn 18. But I’m turning 27 and he’s not coming back and will never be. Until my mom told me to meet my father at a local hospital he was confined in. There, I saw my Dad lying, can’t talk and old. Even though he’s in his deathbed, it didn’t change the way I feel toward him. I hate him. I hate how he didn’t choose to spend time with me before he gets older. I hate everything about him. Do I have the right to feel this way? I feel so evil but can’t help it.

  • @karinagomez
    To hell with him 🙂
    You are justified in feeling that way. You have nothing to do with him. Since that's how he chose it to be.

  • @kana true!

  • @karinagomez I can sympithise with how you feel.... quite alot actually.
    My father wasn't a womanizer, but he was/is a prick.
    I am his only son, and he adopted my half brother because back then single mothers wasn't the done thing.
    My half bro was ten years my senior.
    When my parents devorved (think I was 7 or 😎 my supposed father said he would stay in touch, come and take me out blah blah blah ..... He never did.
    I spent year upon year tracking him down, he moved alot due to drinking, and everytime I found him he said (and I quote), "Shaun why don't we do this more often?, We shall have to make more of an effort!"... Like WTF????
    Anyway, to my understanding of how you feel, for very different reasons I have learnt that my father was a prick to my mother, as far as I know he remains a prick to whoever he now lie's with... and he will remain a prick until death and into the next life.....
    If he hasn't died already, I can't wait till the day I recieve the news that he has.... because in my book that will be cause for one huge party, not to remember him by, but to say good ridance.
    My heart goes out to how you feel, and yes you do have a right to feel the way you do.

  • Maybe instead of hating him just hate his actions maybe that’s what rly destroyed ur childhood

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