What is your ideal wedding like?

  • Soul Searchers

    For me my wedding would be near a waterfall that commonly casts a rainbow, and we would give our word of devotion to one another on a nice sunny day that such a waterfall reflected a very clear rainbow, and our words of commitment would not be neither any vow, nor promise, but instead we would give only our words, and that would be enough, because I believe what is written that we should not vow, nor swear, nor make promises, and we would not wear the traditional clothing, but instead craft for ourselves sack cloth of humility made of 100% raw material (no blending of fabrics). We would not acquire a license like the modern world suggests, nor need some kind of paper to validate that we were married. I would wish for my woman of interests dad to ordain us after first having his permission to court her, and if her dad was no longer with us then my dad would work as well. I don't need the world to decide if our marriage was legit. I believe in Gods eyes it would be valid, and we would have a party regardless if the people we knew personally wanted to come or not. We could invite the meek if we had to, and make it work.

  • @steelfirehawk simple wedding😗

  • Watch Anime Eyes

  • One Woman Army Music Lovers

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