• My girlfriend tonight told me that she wants to take a break to work on ourselves i have anger she has anxiety she say that she was worried tht i can not change but she told me that in the future we can try again what should i do

  • @scott-xaiver Depends on how deep your connection is. You should take enough time and think if it's worth it. If it feels like it sure is, give her some space and time to figure out stuff too and then later, go ahead. For me, a healthy relationship is one where you both challenge each other, love each other, take care of each other to become better persons. And if anything about the relationship is hindering your growth or hers, you should take time to sort that out.
    Sometimes, just like the pieces of the puzzle, you both just fit in and sometimes, you are just so made for another such that everything just click. You both are just pieces of puzzles and not all pieces are same. So, you have to give it time, okay?

  • She's long gone buddy..