• Have you ever went into a random chat then it goes on as normal until somebody says “You horny?” or “Sexting?” and I want people to stop. First of all, it’s just wrong. The developers of this website and the moderators try to make this website clean. (Not including cussing.) Second of all, most people aim for women. I’m not a women but I know what it’s like. I have to put my name as Sarah just to get a decent chat until they say the “thing”. When ever I put in Will (which is my name) Everybody will leave and won’t stay to chat unless they say M? And I say yes then they leave. Third of all, it makes this website shit. I just can’t seem to get a decent chat. Welp, as you can see, I want people to stop doing this.

  • @WillWinsWow just don't go on that part of the site Will, it's asl? bullshit, make friends on the pages here, you'll get decent conversation and laughs and empathy and stuff.

  • @Scottish I’m not saying it’s just there too. There’s posts of freaking 12 year olds looking for “daddy’s”

  • @WillWinsWow yeah, it puts me off too, nearly left the site because it's so prevalent. I just ignore it now. Do the same bro, get past it to the good people. It's just an irritant, be selective, just click on what you want to click on.

  • @Scottish your right

  • Soul Searchers

    I don't seem to to that problem. About half the time I spend on here I am looking for someone to sext with and this may seem surprising to you find it quite hard to find someone that wants to sext.
    Polite people looking to sext should go to the proper parts of this website in order to do so and not in the public forum aspect.
    I must agree and I feel a lot of them are probably law enforcement about the young children looking for Daddy's. Pedophiles and anyone who would use or exploit the children need to be dealt with.
    I don't know what you call them cuz they're not bots but aggressive sexually insinuating chatters that are just posting ads for other sites or wanting you to rate them suck. I would like to see those dealt with also. Maybe I'll take a little time and try to think of ways 2 make it better for both people that want to sext and those that don't and then put that in the suggestion box I believe there is one.

  • @wet-teri oh i don't think he means you teri, you're just a nice guy with the horn lol, i think he means the dodgy types

  • @Scottish this fukn guy, im dead 😂

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