Can people really change ?

  • "F.A.T.E.", "Destiny" or "Purpose" are just tools used by the one who is in control of this world.
    I call HIM the "Administrator".
    He, who is behind shadows, decides who one is and what shall happen to one.
    It is that simple.
    . . .
    Some even dare to call him a "god".
    Such foolish notion and submission.

  • Correct. In every way correct.
    You get it. That is pretty uncommon.
    Life was a not so great teacher for myself to find that out. Especially on my very own.
    But... I got help along the path. It looks like i have to know about it. But why?
    That remains still a oddity for me until this very day. Perhaps to achieve "higher" consciousness?
    Or to help others along the way? Like you for example?
    Who knows = )

    But. Whatever i know, this is the most powerful of all my knowledge:

    Through D E T E R M I N A T I O N and power of WILL, you can resolve F.A.T.E and change your Destiny to your liking.
    None can stop you once you have decided who you want to be. Your very goal, what you strife for, will shape the world around you.
    And with it, the very existence of this Game will be forever changed.
    In this regard the PLAYER is without might. He cannot stop one in their determined course.

  • Ask away everything that you do not understand.
    But please.
    Be aware that i am only a humanoid being that is bound to create errors and is still in the process of learning about this world.
    So errors ahead, yo-ho!

  • @Karina-Kara you can indeed learn from your mistakes to be better and to do better ..

  • @Karina-Kara Thanks Karina! This "Intelligence" leaves its laws "written" in our out-of-body consciousness and when these laws related to the good are transgressed they begin to link the consequences and energies so that we can repair the damage. By this the spiritual creature matures and becomes prone to err less and more successful in the practice of good.

  • @Berin Collective Consciousness. I know that. It's a hive mind. Like ants or termites the human is the same with that. Have you noticed how only those species can built cities?

  • @Karina-Kara I agree with you on the collective conscience, but I believe that with humans this comes from the psychological need (a more complex psyche) of gregariousness, of satisfying their basic needs, security and pleasure and even their aspirations, which makes us form ethnic groups , social, political and religious. Still, I believe we have our individuality, something not noticeable in ants, termites and bees, which are "controlled" by their queens. What does not fit my mind are concepts of "Gaia hypothesis" and other pantheistic doctrines that place each of us as raindrops returning to an ocean, a "universal whole." Agreeing with some previous points for each individuality there is an unfathomable purpose in the smallness of our minds in the face of the greatness of the Universe and its Creation with an "intelligent design."

  • @Berin
    Are you familiar with the basic concept of the human SOUL?
    There is more truth to it then meets the human eye.
    You see:
    A normal, healthy, and therefore a controllable human, the most basic one, always seeks out another human to find "Love" when it turns an adult.
    It decides to leave its safe nest, to go out in this world and reproduce, away from their parents.
    This "Love" is what forces the human to socialize. It is the binding factor that keeps society together.
    Without it, the cohesion of groups into a much larger group, a society or state, would be impossible.
    Love dictates every move. Every step we take. Subconsciously.
    Some "humans" are free from this means of control.
    They are called "soulless humans". Some of them behave "cold-blooded" or "heartless".
    The soul is esentially the "heart" of the human being, depicted in an abstract way as the cartoony crimson heart we see in all sorts of media.
    It is the very quintessential CORE of the human. Above that is the "spirit". The true "Me".

    A human without a "heart" (not meaning the organ, they would be dead instead) can be a very horrific being. But it still has a spirit that controls the body.
    Love prohibits the human from killing mercilessly. Without it, the human has no stopping morals, no emotional barrier to overcome and thus can act absolutely freely.
    It can still be manipulated and controlled, but no longer through the means of Love.
    It does not understand what it means or feels like. It can only imagine and envy everyone around them that are capable of feeling it. Living it.
    They are cold, restless husks that barely resemble a healthy human. Deep down they are void of life. They are desperate for any kind of love.
    At this point "Love" can become for them "L.o.Ve." = "Level of Violence".
    It's called the "joy of killing". They "love" the pain, the hurting they do to others, as they cannot feel real love and must fill their empty chests somehow with some sort of emotion.
    It often ends in disaster.
    There were many cases in the past that show one what they are capable of. It differs from extreme cases of a mental illness, but they often lead to one.
    Sometimes they are called "possessed" people. But that is rarely the case (being completely controlled from an vengeful spirit, that is).

    That is why there is love to forbid such entity.
    Yet some people do get born without a SOUL from time to time.

  • Oh and before i forget:
    When a human dies, their soul stays for some moments in this world. But it too, disappears.
    What stays forever and cannot be killed is the spirit that eventually reincarnates again in this or another world.

    Here is a text-based image that helped me a lot to understand this matter:

  • @Karina-Kara I like your line of thinking and your reflections

  • @Berin Also very true.
    The so called "Karma" that eventually will get you and make you pay for your actions.
    It does not matter how much time has passed.
    It will strike you on your most vulnerable moment in your life and you will need to proof yourself that you are strong enough to withstand it and purge yourself from your wrongdoing. Even if they were caused by your previous lifes.

  • @Karina-Kara thanks a lot dear Karina. To me is a pleasure to talk about all of this

  • Freedom Writers - Writing Movie Buff

    @cjko I have to wonder, if we "change" or if we go back to how we originally were meant to be. 😉

  • @cjko It's easy if you do not care.
    Especially if you are heartless.

  • Freedom Writers - Writing Movie Buff

    @cjko trust me, you do not want to know. Its bizarre, but they bend reality in a way that it becomes your reality. These are a different breed (the kind you want to avoid because they don't really care about you, and that is how they fake it.). I do love to see people "change" but in a soul evolving way. Changing for better is ❤ ❤ ❤ But maybe that's "growing" and not so much "changing". 🤔

  • @Vanessa-Snow Ahahah... Well, it's more self-education in everything that catches my attention. I had great mentors. My parents to be precise.

  • Freedom Writers - Writing Movie Buff

    @Karina-Kara it shows 😉 im a big supporter of homeschooling.

  • @cjko
    No you don't.
    This is one of the worst things that you could possible imagine. But i see that you are joking. No offense taken.

    You know... Being "heartless" sure has its benefits. But they don't outweigh the consequences.
    Just keep that in mind.
    And if you are so interested in being in that state: Sell your SOUL.
    That could do the trick, but i am out of the Soul-business = )

  • I'm flattered!
    You, too, are a good user. You ask the right questions.
    Someday you will find the answers you are looking for.
    Stay determined.

  • @Karina-Kara hahha I like to learn anything that pique my interest..So, I question a lot. haha

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