i noticed that if you tell people you really love doing something,they automatically assume you're good at it

  • mindblowing tea about people

  • @sophieuwu
    Thats sort of true. I’m love talkin by the way but I’m not good at it, ofcourse! :)
    So yeah, basically when you say you love something... The normal way if thinking is that you’re striving hard to be good at it and hence you might have achieved a certain level of mastery at it. So if you’re saying that you love something but are not good at it, always add a “but” with it to make the listener aware of your un-mastery at it. :)

  • @sophieuwu that's you perspective and you are assuming that way, may be wired to feel pride for yourself that they think for you that way . people might get excited when they hear doing something which they do not know and be more curious about it and ask few lot question. that do not mean you are good at it what you doing ? I would do it to Figuring out what you claim has weight to make some sense (sense or non sense ) in my brain for that perticular moment . Ever thought about it ??