America is responsible for Terrorism!!!

  • We know the involvement of USA in growth of Osama bin Laden, Bagdadi, ISIS, Saddam Hussein and all mishappening in gulf countries.
    So what you think about this?????

  • @Bucky It's not terrorism if America does it.0_1545219438173_bga.jpg

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    @Bucky With everything America has done, materializing a terror group so we can invade another country isnt hard to believe 😂 We are willing to mess with any country, ally or not and thats why we are at the top because we are willing to play a game other countries arent lol If you all from other countries knew 0.1% of what America has done, youd all probably shit your pants and probably wouldnt be able to sleep at night as easy 😂😂 I mean we have troops in a majority of all countries on earth whether you know we are there or not lol We funded terror organizations when the soviets were fighting them and now we are fighting those same people, Saddam worked for the CIA before becoming a dictator of Iraq and alot of other leaders of other countries are on our payroll in one form or another, even if they hate the U.S. If you think Im kidding, youre living a lie lol If you know history well, youll see that America is just the modern day Roman empire. I could go on about everything since I havent even scratched the surface but Ill let you all find out on your own 😉

  • @Bucky Ask the expert @SoFa_king_Cody, sareh cuddy need to tag u diz if u refrain to answer just pretend I dont tag you at all.. Haha😛

  • @Bucky pass.. Or else the terrorist will target me haha.. I decline to answer for this is against the media etiquette..

  • @Bucky CAPTIAN AMERICA faints

  • @SoFa_king_Cody Well I know about most of
    things what America did after becoming super power after World War , when Britisher become weak. And also knew about some political murders done by CIA , especially related to India.
    USA do all things to be remain as super power as long as possible ,whether by creating instability in country or imposing sanctions through International organisation (UN, WTO, etc).
    Once USA was against India and now it is supporting us because of rise of China.

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    @Bucky You know most of what we want you to know but trust me, you really have no idea what has happened that is kept secret, what is known is like an iceburg, you think the top is bad, just think of what is being hidden lol

  • @Bela-Hella I am just asking for everyone's opinion including you. I researched about this a lot , I have my opinion but maybe that's wrong.

  • @Firefly U are genius, Hats off to you🙂
    alt text
    Captain himself is Saluting You!!

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    @Bela-Hella I could write a book proving both sides right 😂

  • when we blame America for terrorism, we are not addressing the elephant in the room, and that is the deep rooted ideology of exclusivity and oppression. Though one cant deny involvement of the US in the acts, but they are limited to funding and funding only(incase of alqaeda and Taliban, to oppose the rising influence of ussr). And funding is done to the war mongering brainwashing terror leaders, so what else other than the religious motivation, motivates the youth to give up their lives.

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