Your peace is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did, let it go.

  • However easy that might seem to say, not as easy to execute.
    I keep wondering why do ppl do what they do, the way they do. Even after many discussions and not to mention, a lot of thinking, it's sad that what I've found is negative. I did ask myself do i think like that just to make things easier for myself? Thinking negative just to have peace with my heart? I get only one answer 'at least ppl should be what they say they are'. There have been many times in the past when I've been treated like that by other ppl, and if they say they're sensitive and they've been thru worse, they should know better. Why wouldn't i expect that person to handle me in a different way than others did?
    Then you might also say that different ppl have different ways to deal with any situation. But then they've done it for others then why not me? M I so evil, worthless? They don't need to show it to the world but they could show me, at least I deserve that much. And why m I always supposed to be the understanding one? Why can't they put themselves in my place? Now you guys might say to me 'you're not the only one to get hurt, ppl have been thru worse'. Just bcz I haven't been thru the worst doesnt mean it's okay to hurt me. I've had my fair share and I know there's more to come.
    It's not just being hurt its my belief being shattered that there are people out there who've seen worse n who wont let u suffer that bad, that there are ppl who value what u did. Not that I'm not being asked to help, but it's like m askin for water n being offered wind. That's not helping.
    I know in my heart that all are not evil but I still cant figure why do they do what they do. Something just doesn't feel right. That's what m not at peace with. Maybe I'll never find answer to that. Problem might be the way I think but it still doesn't change what I feel.
    As for the question of why things happen the way they did or why did this happen to me at all, to that I've got only one answer. I think what this taught me is that I shouldn't wait for anyone who's not ready to be with me. There's no point in not giving up on someone thinking that you'd make things better for them, thinking you'd heal them. Bcz I know how I am and how it's gonna affect me in the end and none of this would matter in the end anyway. I just shouldn't let my guard down anymore.
    And ppl ask me why don't I post topics anymore! This miserable shit is what's in my head all the time. No matter what I do the whole day this is what I come back to. I'm just filling this place with negativity. It doesn't seem what it used to before.

  • @wildwallflower I agree with your statements! What's going on right now? want to talk about it more? You shouldn't give a damn shit of what people say or think about you. Maybe you just needed some time away from people and make a lot of time for yourself like making peace with yourself and making yourself happy. I may not know all about your life from start until present but I do know that you've been through a lot. It's ok to give yourself self-care rather than giving out all your efforts to understand people and some just don't care about you at all.. We all go through a lot in life and its a matter of how you handle all your situations. Someone once told me that you can't depend on people, just yourself. Life is really tough, you only got yourself and make yourself happy., not people, not work, but yourself. I hope all is well with you. I finally made a long reply yeeyy hahah lol.. Just know that its ok to rest from social media and other things or even people. You are important, you are loved, you are beautiful and unique

  • @wildwallflower I think you are expecting a lot from people. You expect people to treat you the same way you treat them. You think you deserve to be happy and wonder why shit is happening to you even after having been tried to be nice to others the whole time. Thats life! It is only in the books that the "whole world conspires" to get that thing you want most. In reality the "world conspires against" you. You simply have to deal with it. And it is easier said than done. We all have our issues and those issues are only a problem for us. People dont give two hoots about who you are and what you are. Your life and your happiness is only your responsibility. You cant just pin it on people around you. You just have to deal with it. And it is perfectly okay to feel the way you are feeling right now. Sometimes we tend to satisfy ourselves with lies than facing the truth. And it is okay. Take time to process it and come to a consensus. To live in this world you have to deal with people. No amount of denial can take it away. So dont stop meeting people. Just dont expect them to be the way you want them to. Never judge, never expect and never complain. You will find life a lot easier. As to finding what you wanted, only time can tell.

  • @wildwallflower Overthinking while looking forward is better than overthinking while being stuck in the mud with certain situation thinking it can't get better than that.Yeah, many things are easier said than done but as long as you are trying to do them, you are not wasting your time. Wasting your time would be trying to fix the broken things that can't be fixed, which are some negative situations and things that already happened. You should never question yourself and your "worth" just because something played out the way you didn't expect or didn't want. No matter what happens its always good to know that you will get out of it stronger, and actually that's what you are doing from the moment the negative thing happened, even if it doesn't seem that way. It's not your "job" to try and fix some people and their behavior towards you, because it's not what you should focus on. Focus on yourself, which I believe you are doing. At the end of the day, be happy because it happened, it's just another chapter of your life where you got to learn a few things about yourself. Also, it's a good thing that you don't tolerate or accept less than what you give because that's usually the road which leads to being unsatisfied.

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  • Nobody's keeping count of how many times you fuck up. Think about it, if you let it go there is nothing and no one who can or should judge you. Yet again if they do, you have counted number of fucks to give and you would certainly won't want to spend such a limited number of fucks on crap like that. YOLO, so no regrets.

  • @wildwallflower being able to vent out must be a boon to people it seems.....

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    @what-is-this focussing on oneself sounds a bit more selfish... but I know that the world runs on selfishness... maybe im a bit too naive to grasp the truth... but I think ive encountered an unknown exception and its putting my thoughts into a deadlock.... and now I think it needs external intervention..... another proof that no one's perfect....
    Scenario seems like a cry for help... guess who thinks that