The smallest thing with biggest value?

  • What brings absolute joy to you the most while being the smallest thing that would in terms have an impact on anything? Like a simple pleasure or need that just satisfies you the most while being very minimal?
    It can be anything that’s very small but very important to you but I don’t mean size by it but by what it can be seen as in value to the whole world
    (Note I do believe I have asked this before or someone else did but this bunny is lazy today so I’m gonna post this)
    My simple pleasure is a simple moment of friendliness for me a simple smile can keep me in a good mood for hours and a good simple but in-depth conversation is what keeps my mind active

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    @rabbitboy 1. Answer- A BABY! Wittle and mean so muchhhh!

    1. My foxy bear. It was literally the first thing I bought for myself in my entire life and my foxy helps me asleep at night I can’t sleep without him

  • @rabbitboy i like to make random acts of kindness ...
    for example, I love to make things like cakes or fudge....
    But when done, i do like to eat, but i also like to see peoples faces when I pass on my produce.... and even more so if a) they enjoy it & b) they didn't expect it
    This brings me the most joy of all 🙂

  • @rabbitboy

    I used to have a person in my life that everytime i would use one of those sweater with hoodies would fix the hoodie for me. That was such an innocent and small gesture that would keep me warm and touched for the whole day... 😍

  • @rabbitboy
    A. My purple teddybear, my super buddy if only it has life lol..
    B. Guns,my lifetime partner and babylove
    C. Everytime my cellphone beep knowing it is Calz on the line.

  • Life itself, in comparison it is small but to be breathing and living is the greatest gift

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