• Let me ask you, random people of the internet, does doing this make you happy? does it truly satisfy you to let go of your horniness here? if you think you truly are happy by doing this, I need not ask you to read further, but let's think about it, friends, when you get the nudes, does it satisfy you? humans tend to want more and when we get those nudes, we just want more, and we end up wanting more and in the end we get disappointed, when we get these or not nudes, it always feels like there's something missing and it applies to both genders, try to see what your doing, I know some of you don't have the choice of doing something else with your spare time, but to those who do, I encourage you, do what you are doing here, in real life, meet someone, if it doesn't work out, press ESC and hope for the best, basically apply that concept in real life, I know some of us don't have to social skill to do so, but do you think this is any better? if your horny, porn is a thing, and if you truly wanna satisfy that kick of yours, go find someone, don't just sit there with your dick out always thinking "fuck I hope I meet a girl here" and what happens when you get that girl? temporary happiness that you know yourself is not gonna make you truly happy and makes you think "what am I doing", then you are just left at wanting more and looking for more, it's a never-ending cycle, I know you're probably thinking that real life is hard, my friend, there are infinite possibilities waiting for you out there, for every second you're wasting spamming the "M or F" "M" and ESC key, is a second wasted of you possibly meeting someone out there, and you might think "But it's hard to find a girl that satisfies my needs" then what are you doing here then? I suggest you get dressed, grab whatever the best clothing you have, go to the bar, get a pint and talk with someone, have a common interest, like what your doing here, looking for people with common interests such as yours, and like here it will take time for you to actually get there, but the reward is all the more better than a girl's nudes or guys nudes of whom you'll probably never meet again, I just want to express to you that if you have the choice, take it, every second of your life is ticking down and you're hoping to find a piece of hay in a stack of needles, make every second of your life count, and do the right thing, thank you for reading my friend

    P.S. this is directed to those who have lost themselves and is stuck in this paradox of craving, the mindset of which I am concerned, affects the health and life of many, if you're asking why I care for these people whom I'll never meet, An extra person who smiles is beneficial to everyone in the world with the world having a little bit more of happiness the future shines a little bit more brighter, If you have any rebuttals or corrections feel free to correct me, I am open to your critisicm and I truly hope this had you thinking reader, and I hope you find what you should be looking for, if you're reading this just because, I hope you help people realize what they're doing, and guide them into a better choice even if its a stranger, may your god bless you if you're religious and if you're an atheist, may you prosper, thank you for reading,

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