• Dear @Global-Moderators ,

    After @Mr-H complained that he had no guidance, I think this post might help current mods as well as future mods.

    • Welcome post.

      Most new users skip the first notification and make posts about how they don't understand shit about the website.
      Just guide them to this link and it should do the rest.


    • Rules for users:


      Just copy paste from here if someone asks what rule he broke and stuff.

    • Rules for mods:


      So basically do not abuse powers for private squabbles.
      And NEVER EVER give out an users IP address or Email ID to anybody.

    • Moderator Discussion category which is only visible to Mods and Admins:


      Use this to post stuff like suggestions or discussions or controversial stuff which is too big to fit in chats.

    • Important rule: What happens in mod chat stays in mod chat.

    • H***y Posts :

      If you find a post mentioning nudes or hy stuff like that please move it to Find Your Date category, it takes 10 seconds to move it and saves us from the accusations of supporting hy posts in the next drama.

    • Checking Location and ISP(Internet Service Provider):

    • What to do in case of spammers?

      You can stop spammers by revoking their login sessions. i.e forcefully logging them out.

      You can do that by going to:
      Account--->Account info---->revoke session in login sessions.

      (this trick also can be used to get the latest ip of a user in case you are checking for fake accounts).

    • How to delete posts and topics by spammers in bulk?



    • Blocking:

      If one user is annoyed by or is being harassed by one particular user ask them to block that particular user. Blocking should stop the DM's and topic responses from the annoyer. Ban only if the user is harassing multiple users and making TWS environment hostile.

    • User requested Bans:

      If one user asks for a ban please don't ban the user. Ask them to change the password of their account, they can reset it later, or ask them to keep their password with a friend for safekeeping and retrieve it when they want to come back. Banning a user closes the door on his return, the feeling of being called a hypocrite stops them from asking to be unbannned. So just let them close the door and open it when they want.

    • Banning:

      If you ban someone write proper reason to ban them. Its more helpful in keeping them banned and helps us next time they do the same shit.

      • Warn atleast once or twice before banning.
      • Try small one hour bans then give the big ban.
      • Use 0 hours if you want to ban permanently.
      • Bans don't expire after your given time so admin unbans them manually or you have to unban them manually.
      • Choose the ban time wisely.
    • What do in case of d**k pics?

      Change DP's of dk pic guys and warn them by dming them.
      (You are a mod they don't have to follow you to for you to dm them)
      If they ignore your warning then try writing on their bios and changing dps. Straightaway delete the d
      k pics in cover pics area.

      Ban them if you change it twice and they don't listen
      (Style option: Willow used to change them to donkey pics choose your own)

    • How to spot fake account?

      Fake accounts are bad because they upvote themself and their friends and imbalance the already delicate voting system.
      Ask the user to remove the fake upvotes or warn to ban all his/her accounts to start fresh.
      Fake accounts are also used to spam more vigorously so ban the fakes and warn the real user.
      How to spot the it?
      Same IP address set in two or more accounts.
      like @Ansi and @Windows10 . or @TheMetalQueen and @sexychick123

      And they upvote their accounts like idiots sometimes even follow them.
      Since every post also records your ip address check that to find fake account.

    • What to do in case of a flag?

      You can check all the flags here
      If you are sure who the culprit is warn them right away.
      Or else talk to both the parites and figure out what is wrong.
      A mods job is to keep TWS from becoming hostile.
      So you have to neutralize the bombs before they grow too big.
      And try to change the flag status to Resolved in that list if possible,
      it makes things look more organised.

    • Extreme case IP ban:

      Use IP bans rarely only in cases you face a spammer who spams using too much like Max or Nestle or Guy who posted those 100's of nude gifs.
      How to do it?
      Copy the ip from their account like or 2406:8b11:2818:c218:0:0:0:27f8
      and paste them in ip black list here:


      Then save list and validate list those 2 options.
      Then revoke session of that user or ban them.
      This should stop them from making new accounts.
      If they use a VPN then just keep regular banning and the ip banning.
      No one has infinite set of IP addresses even the free extensions provide 10 - 12 IP addresses.
      So sooner or later you will succeed in stopping the spammer.

    • Talk to admin outside the website in case of emergencies: [email protected]

    • And if you quit in protest, never give screenshots of mod chat or mod discussions outside.
      One way or the other that thing will always come back and bite you in the ass.

  • @im-a-bae said in The Mod Bible (aka stuff that'll help you as a mod):

    @obviouslylucifer woah.

    Its knowledge acquired over a very long time..

    Plus you can delete posts in bulk by going in categories move selected posts from one topic to another.

    You can purge deleted posts in bulk,

    its all in the options.

    All you have to do is look for it!

    P.S: You can also add moderation notes on any profile.
    we used to add them on people who liked to talk too much about kiddie porn.
    its useful when other mod deals with him.

  • Nice job brother!!

  • Movie Buff

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