• Guidelines & Rules For Mods at live chat

    Hello & Congratulations. If you are reading this, you are a mod of live chat.

    Please read these rules and guidelines carefully and try to keep them in mind before taking any action.

    Moderators are requested to create friendly relation with each other.
    Please note, as moderators, you'll have the following permissions:

    • Delete Message
    • Ban User
    • Kick User
    • Ban/Unban Words
    • Set Room Limit

    Please keep in mind that please do not delete any message or ban users without any reason. You have to respect the rules of the site, if we see any problems with moderators or somebody complains about you, we can revoke this position back from you at any time.

    Here is a roundup of information you need to know:

    You can ban words if:

    It contains hate/abusive text such as a racial slur you CANNOT ban words because of it being used in a sexual manner because it get's bypassed e.g "fuck".
    UPDATE: We can now unban words! Feel free to ban words to calm chat down for moderation purposes. Please unban any new words you ban while modding. If you feel a new word needs a permanent ban please bring it up to the mod team. Banning common words causes frustration so we want as little chat disruption if words are needed to be banned to help with modding.

    Room limits:

    Please maintain Room 1 at a limit large enough for users to not overflow into Room 2. Preferably other rooms should stay at limit 1 unless there is a need to shrink Room 1 (see below). The reason for the limit 1 in other rooms is because, when mods are not around, users often use the extra rooms to “sext”. Use common sense for other room limits. Some users will ask for another room so they can chat with each other and not have the chaos of Room 1 that is fine if you are able to moderate more than one room.

    Shrinking Room 1
    If you have a bad user that needs to be removed from Room 1, and can’t be perma banned, you can ban that user and shrink the room if the user is using VPN. Remember if Room 2 is limit 1 it will create a Room 3 so please limit Room 2 to 15 or more before if it is at 1. We want to create as little rooms as possible but sometimes it is necessary so please limit extra rooms 1.

    You can delete the message if:

    • It contains spam or adult pictures or hate/abusive text
    • if it contains socials or contact info of a user.

    NOTE: Messages only delete for the users active in chat. New users or users that refresh chat will see messages previously deleted. In some cases, like when the chat is very slow or dead, you may need to spam the message up out of sight if it should not be seen by newly entered users.

    You can ban a user if:

    • they are under age 13
    • they spam
    • they harass or abuse other users
    • they link their socials/contact info
    • they break any other rule listed here

    Warnings may or may not now be given since the "basic" rules have be put inside Live Chat for all users to read as their first warning.

    Users have freedom of speech with reasonable restriction, respect that. The restrictions vary from case to case use your logic to check them. If you have any doubt consult amongst each other.
    Users have the right of freedom of speech at the same time the other users have their right to dignity. Remind users that their right to free speech is not to impede another users right to dignity.

    You may lose moderation privileges due to misbehaving or inactivity (if no reasonable notification has been given before inactivity)

    With that said, enjoy your new privileges, and make TalkWithStranger a happy and active chat site. It is your job to make a clean and safe chat environment for the users.
    Happy Chatting!

  • @DhaSickest uhm what o_o

  • @DhaSickest

    If you are reading this, you are a mod of live chat.

    Are u kidding me? 🙄

  • @WtfNudith This is so the mods of live chat know and have the guidelines. This is just like you guys having the guidelines for being a global moderator :)

  • @TrAsh33 @WtfNudith You all can only see this category because you are global mods. But this is intended for Live chat moderators

  • @DhaSickest @Jesssssss all the best both of for taking good care of live chat and congratulations .

  • @DIVine Thank you DIV!

  • @DIVine I know how to do my work, thank you. :)

  • @Jesssssss @DhaSickest
    Just wanna know tho, if you guys are gonna do an election for livechat moderators here on topics, will livechat users really be the ones who vote for them?
    Idk how many livechat peeps cross between there and topics here, but my impression is not that many
    So the mods will be elected by users here rather than livechat users, no?

  • @WtfNudith
    Yea that's what I've said,i think for now we're just going to ask around in live chat since we only need 1 or 2 extra mods rn