• I am going to post my rant here so bear with me. I attended a certain foreign socials last week in hopes of finding myself a foreign groom. I never really found the love that I was looking for with the men in my locale so I opted on finding it with someone of different race. I did enjoy the time I spent during the event since I got to meet men who are also seeking for foreign brides. During the course of the event, my attention was caught by a particular guy. He came over and introduced himself to me and said that he was a divorced man and has kids. I honestly do not have any problems with that so I continued talking to him. We spent his few days stay in my country together and by the time he was leaving to return to his homeland, he promised to keep in touch with me but he never did. Now, I know I do not have the rights to actually demand for this because we are not even official yet but hey, can’t you men keep your promise to a lady? I mean, if you cannot fulfill a certain thing, then you shouldn’t promise of doing so. Women will never forget what men have promised and this is one thing that we actually treasure. I know that promises are meant to be broken, but can you not just explain? Do not just disappear into thin air.

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  • @discouraging Hey sorry for what u have been through... I can say,some men are cowards ...when it comes to keeping a promise or letting them know why they can't...Hope u would get "one fuckin worthy man"!!! C ya

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  • Sorry to hear that, may all the best be with you
    Stay strong girl!

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  • @discouraging I'm sorry sweetie but this really happens most of time. Just move on with your life and stop bothering yourself into thinking that he will be back.

  • @discouraging Somehow, I had a similar story. That was more horrible than this. Though he was not a foreign man but we were in a LDR and we haven't met yet in person. It took us 8 years to actually have a labeled relationship. Everything was fine and smooth. We were so inlove and then suddenly, he just vanished. We didn't any fights or problems prior to that sh*t. He blocked me to all his social media accounts. One year after, I found out he has someone already.
    So, if I moved on from that, you could too. Stop wasting your time thinking he will back. But if he will and would actually explains everything, just listen to it. Don't expect anything though. ;)

  • Just continue your journey of finding the man of your dreams because that happened all the time. Don't expect too much especially if you're not official with each other. Don't focus only on one man until you find the right one. Socialize with other people and don't let that broken promises bring you down.

  • oh!. holy crap!. I feel you girl. but don't expect from him to fulfill his promise. just forget about that. don't stress your self with that kind of man.

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  • @discouraging

    Sadly making promises is easy and "looks good" keeping them is the real challenge. Don't settle with having ppl telll you "they promise", wait for them to prove they are devoted in "keeping them".
    Had been in LDR, ppl can be quite deceiving!