Any extroverts out there?

  • 1.Shy? Quiet? Hate socializing in real life? Me too.
    2. How can I not make a conversation awkward?
    3. Any advice for introverts?
    4. What do you generally think about introverts?

  • @kristinl You should practice, its not going to be easy, there's always going to be an awkward conversation.You can start by smiling and looking at people in the eyes. And when they say something don't judge it, because its probably the most interesting thing you've ever heard. 🙂

  • Soul Searchers

    @kristinl It’s okay to take a break or Not like socializing. Getting exhausted from socializing is not only normal but it’s totally okay too. Take a break. Cancel plans on the occasions. Take time for yourself even if it feels inconvenient. Your health and energy is important and if people don’t respect that consider a new social circle.

    • Keep at it. Don’t let those self adoring extroverts grind you down

  • @kristinl

    The best way to find "introversion" (is that even a word? 🙄) is to get out of your confort zone and do stuff you aren't used to.
    Well i am not the best person to say this, cuz I keep telling myself i will do it. I will engage in conversations with strangers, I will start going out more, I won't feel weirded out to go to the cinema alone, but it never happens.
    Usually getting out of your confort zone is very tiring and demanding, so start to take baby steps when you approach this "out of confort" zone!

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