Naught death does us part . Part 2 #Story.

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    Part 2 :: For whom does the Bell Toll ? It tolls for thee.

    About a month passed by normally,well as much normal as it can get in a place like the Center, until Riley’s next call.

    At the time I wasn’t taking any calls for I was on a little break.

    Hannah, another one of the volunteer operators almost staggered over to me saying there was an urgent call...the person was refusing to talk to anyone except myself.

    A Girl named Riley.

    Me: ”Riley? It’s me Jenny, is something wrong?”

    There was a faint muffled sound that sounded like yelling.

    Riley: ”M-my friend! She’s threatening to jump! I... (sob) I don’t know what to do!”

    I was taken aback for a moment. It took me a second to fully process what was happening.
    I kept myself from freaking out.
    I couldn’t , wouldn’t let Riley lose her best friend.

    Me: “Riley, Riley! Please try to calm down?take deep breaths. We’ve got to have a clear head in order to help your friend, OK?”

    Riley: ”Yeah, breathes in and out I called the police already, they’re on their way
    ... I’m sorry,I was desperate .... I just needed someone.
    They told me to stall her and keep her from jumping... But, I-I...”

    Me: “That’s perfectly fine. I’m here for you, OK?”

    There was a few moments of silence and more muffled yelling.

    Riley: ”....I’m sorry, I’m sorry! (sob)

    Me: “Riley? Are you still there?”

    There was no reply. The only sound was the loud shuffling of wind like the sound a video picks up as you’re running.

    Riley: “NO! LEXI ! PLEASE! DON’T GO!”

    Me: “Riley?!”

    Riley: ”I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY FOR NOT BEING THERE! LEXI ! I’M BEGGING YOU! Don’t... leave me!”

    Riley was yelling at the top of her lungs.

    The phone was filled with the noise of her crying and voice breaking.

    I opened my mouth to say something ...anything, but my vocal chords had abandoned me .

    Indeed I know not ,whether I would have even been able to say something even if I had the means to ...My mind was blank.

    All I could do was sit there listening...eyes tearing up.
    ...Mouth gaping open.

    Unknown : ”MISS!” ”MISS!”

    The line abruptly cut off.

    The last thing I heard was someone who was alerted of the situation....I hoped it to be a policeman or a Kind passerby.

    I fell into tears as soon as I regained my senses .

    ...the throbbing numbness in my chest was replaced by a sharp stab of guilt and grief.

    I distantly felt my heart hammering ...It felt as if I was a puppet inside my own body.

    I felt dizzy and sick.

    I was in Shock.

    We had been given training for just such a scenario as this .. an eventual case of Emotional overburden & yet faced with the sheer Reality of such a scenario , I couldn't remember my training & control myself.

    I excused myself for the day.

    To be Continued in ,

    Part 3 :: Life is fleeting , Death is eternal. :

  • Bess Traps ;) 🍋 Lemon 🍋 over limes tws gay club but no homo We Are Groot! Global Moderator


    Riley officially annoys me -.- I hate people who hang up on you like that XD

  • @wtfjudith me tooo ..bish needs to learn some etiquette.
    smh barbarian. 😂

  • Bess Traps ;) 🍋 Lemon 🍋 over limes tws gay club but no homo We Are Groot! Global Moderator

    @stranger_danger pfff and the fact that her friend was about to jump isn’t even a good excuse! She could have just say a quick “sorry, I gtg” Poor Jenny smh

  • Movie Buff

    @stranger_danger Well finally, took you long enough 😂



    The way Riley hang up on Jenny is the same kind of cliffhanger we are left everytime you finish each part. God let us know how this story endssssss T.T

  • Last part is up .

    It's complete. ☺ ☺

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