• 1. Bugs issues

    It has been reported of bugs issues for some users mostly when they make a topic, they get an error like this :


    And for some of them, their inbox disappears or they cant see older messages.
    It's simple, go and "clear cache" of your internet browser,
    For those who use android's and they use "Samsung internet" as their browser then it's pretty easy too, Go to settings > privacy > delete personal information.
    Or you can try clearing cache from the system storage for android phones.

    2. Tutorials

    For new users who face a hard time in posting pictures direct from their computer or phone's, our users have made good tutorials on simply everything on this site, they are found at our Youtube Channel, but they are posted here as well :

    Tutorial on how to use TWS for new users.

    Tutorial on how to update your profile.

    Tutorial on how to post pictures, and GIF's on public chat, private texts, and topics.

    Tutorial on how to use or post GIF

    Tutorial on how to use cool fonts, change font color and sizes

    note: you can use these fonts anywhere in this site. On topics, private texts, signature, even in bio, only the red font does not work in bio

    3. Moderator's work and list

    Some of the users might not know about our site moderators, these are users appointed by The Administrator, who prevent the site from spammers, and trolls. Our site has been having spammers mostly on public chat and in topics, and it's the moderator's duty to make sure there is no spamming around. If any problem happens as a normal user you can open the spammer account, on 3 dots

    alt text

    Click it and you will get this view

    alt text

    Click that option. Remind you, open the spammer account
    Once the spammer is flagged all mods get a notification and the ones online will respond.
    Do not flag other users just for fun, or because of some frivolous reasons, Moderators have to spend time and investigate these flags and a real flag might get buried under frivolous flags.
    Use the flag power with responsibility.

    If still there is a problem you can message the admin here:

    1. @TalkWithStranger

    or you can talk to our moderators here:

    1. @BelaHella

    2. @CaptainPamela

    3. @WtfJudith

    4. @Katie

    5. @Ash33

    6. @Divyam

    7. @Jessss

    8. @Lazz

    9. @Lily

    10. @Scottish

    Even if you have a little privacy problem regarding our site, our moderators are well experienced on this site for any kind of help.

    4. Deleting account feature

    It has to be noted that this feature is no longer exist on our site, regarding the extreme usage of it, users did not use it well as it was expected, and now it is not there anymore, it might get back after discussions with our site moderator's, but not so sure about this, at the moment if you feel so addicted to the site you can close the tab, and continue with whatever you are doing or get a chrome extension which blocks certain websites.

    5. Things that people are unaware of and their results

    1. Spamming leads to a permanent ban

    2. Posting any kind of nudes is illegal and might lead to a ban.

    3. Uploading a nude as your pfp (profile picture) or background picture will automatically be deleted, this needs to be reconsidered. It might cause a temporary ban.

    4. Abusing, trolling to other users is not accepted (unless it is friendly users making fun out of each other)

    5. Flag feature needs to be used if there is a reason to, not for fun. When a user spams in your private with nudes and you need help, there you can flag. Or if a user spams on public chat and no mod is aware of the spamming then there you can flag.

    6. There are users who use fake profiles to upvote their main account's posts. It is considered to be a big issue now and it is highly not supported in this site. Any user will get to be warned at first and all the "fakes" will automatically be deleted. Our mods if they find you guilty they might change your bio after several warnings, and warn you through your own bio.

    7. Upvoting and downvoting feature are not well used. Some users use to downvote other users just for "hate", this is not a good reason to do that. Downvotes are to be used to express constructive criticism not hate. Please use this feature well or you will face consequences.

    6. Users tend to complain about "tags" but they are there for a reason

    For example:

    Let's use the tag "poetry club"

    alt text

    Click it, and you will see this list:

    alt text

    https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/tags/poetry club

    Each and every topic ever made with that tag will appear on that list, this is to simplify the work to users if they ever want to search on a certain kind of topic or other topics related to that tag.

    For example, the freedom writers group tags their stories with very specific tags which helps you find all parts of their stories in one place by just clicking on tags.
    Please avoid mislabeling tags.

    7. Use of polls for mobile phone users

    Some users might get confused as when making a topic on the "editing bar" there is the list of important tools like "bold", "image" and the last one is "Gif". It is updated now you can scroll that tab and it will get to see many more tools.

    This is the normal view

    alt text

    And this is after scrolling the tab

    alt text

    for any more clarification or any question, you can simply text or message any of our mod's

    You might as well follow us on

    Official Instagram page : https://www.instagram.com/talkwithstranger/
    Official Facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/talkwithstranger/
    Official Youtube channel :
    Official twitter page

    Thank You 😊

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    @sup jeez I can never win against you can I? And yes @sup you are the best mod..happy now?😂😊

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