• Freedom Writers

    Some days I'm lost,
    some days aren't that bad,
    but most days,
    I don't know what I'll feel next,
    and I jest,
    when I want to try to deflect,
    but it catches up,
    and I can't always run,
    because I need some help,
    I'm searching for it,
    but I feel like I'm not worth it.
    I've caused so much pain,
    and crossed when I should have stayed straight,
    but the intersections are confusing at times,
    and I don't know where I'm getting off,
    and left alone I can get lost,
    in my thoughts,
    that get dark,
    and go directions,
    I know I shouldn't,
    and I wouldn't,
    dare let the darkness take its hold,
    but sometimes all there is,
    is cold,
    and I'm not bold,
    enough to control,
    these directions alone.
    I try to stay up,
    and I'm trying to stay happy,
    but lows come when you least suspect,
    and what's next?
    I don't know where I'm going to end up,
    I don't know where I'm going next,
    but sometimes it's clear,
    I know exactly what's next,
    but this ain't one of them days,
    maybe I just need some rest.


  • @kat_15 I figured you'd relate. Glad I could touch you that way.

  • @us-poet Yeahhh