• So I weigh 97 kg at the moment.. and my height is 5'11.... I know my weight is too much so I started eating a little bit of healthy diet but I still eating carbohydrates and meat.. I'm trying to avoid red meat though
    I'm also doing some normal running and jogging around two to three days every week..
    It's been a 1 month and why the hell am I not losing my weight?

  • @jimmy1708 OR, she can eat whatever she wants and as much as she wants, but making sure she's active as fuck, to burn it all off. Don't sell that diet bullshit to anybody, that's for lazy cunts. If you want to lose weight, all you have to do is start moving yourself properly. The end.

  • What types of carbs are you eating? And what ratio to protein/fats?
    Stick with low glycemic foods, complex carbs, skip the white foods: potatoes/rice/flour/bread and I am sure you'll notice a difference :) Good luck!

  • Running is great for loosing calories, one of the best ways, all you have to do is count your calories, normally 10 mins of jogging should burn around 100 calories, with your height and weight u'd need around 2100 calories per day, if you keep track of them and keep it around 1700 a day you should be able to loose 2 kgs a month or so, it's not about what you eat it's about how many calories you take in and how many you loose from jogging, let's say you run for 10 mins that's 100 burned calories and then you also reduce the ammount of food by another 400 calories, that's usually around 100 grams of chocolate, slightly less. That's how I lost weight and it works 500 calories less daily for 1 month leads to 2 kgs lost even more if u got a fast metabolism like me.

  • @sarah Because you did not gain weight in 1 month. You're not going to lose it, either.

  • Well....u cant loose weight in just 1month, u need about strict EXERCISES AND good DIET for about 2-3 months or may be more..
    I go to gym daily, so i know some about fitness and fat burning...
    Ummm....Time for strict exercise
    1)straight abs crunches
    2)knee to elbow crunches
    3)flutter kicks
    5)hundreds(an excercise)
    6)reverse crunches
    7)sitting twists
    8)daily morning jogging

    Then comes a good diet, dont eat too much oily things or eat less oiled things, dont eat rice too much or eat those less, dont eat junk foods often, and at everytime u eat in lunch or in dinner, dont eat until ur full stomach, let a small space in ur stomach emty, and dont drink water at just after eating, drink water in between of eating or if u really wants to drink water at end of eating, drink it a little only...
    Eat only healthy things, dont eat junk or unhealthy things
    Drink water more and often
    Dont eat fried things more...0_1519138949573_2minute-abs-workout.jpg

  • And u should have in mind something u want to achieve, never give up, u have to give up ur laziness if u really want to reduce ur weight, otherwise nothing will can u achieve
    No pain No gain....

  • @blooddrunk lol, if we r not lazy...........but when that times comes(for a gym or for excercises) we try to find a reason to avoid gyms/excercise,a human behaviour and its normal, i experienced these, thats why i m saying.....
    And about diet??....i follow this diet daily, even i m just normal weight, and its very very easy, everyone can do it...
    And she is 97,surely she needs a good diet if u believe or not...

  • @elayne indeed, running is a very good exercise to burn fat...

  • What you should be doing is intimate fasting and be at a caloric deficit. Most people thing you'll loose weight just by running, and that's not the case. Be at a caloric deficit and spend roughly around 30-45 minutes at the gym doing HIIT exercises. You'll gradually loose about 1.5 - 2lbs a week.

  • It`s Probably because your Kcal intake is still the same

  • @tris101 Kcal? Wtf bro :'D

  • @sarah

    Eat one big meal a day, let's say you eat only 2000 cal you should increase it to 2500 to 2800 cal so you have more store energy to move throughout the day without having to eat again. Drink a lot of water to.

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  • The best way to lose your weight is walking up-down on stairs.U should eat more protein rather than carbs or sugar

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