• so I am curantly 214 lbs and i really want to lose weight, Anybody wanna join me or have any suggestions on how to lose 10 lbs a week?

  • go to a national park, find hungry lion, throw to him a stone, then run... you will loose weight for just seconds

  • Obsession on your weight will just make you fatter.
    Acceptence is the only key to overcome your struggle. You don't need the most expensive medical care or advice. You don't need people to look at you and say "Oh, there goes the skinniest (not a synonym of sexy) girl ever!". You don't have to exercise to lose weight, most of the ads are fake. You don't need to feel bad about your genethics - If you do, you should be ashamed of your parents for giving it to you. And that's not beauty, at all. The last but not least: You don't need to compare yourself to others.

    This one's gone way too far, but this is just for anyone that's around there who's stuggling for themselves.

    I hope I helped :)

  • @ragnar-lothbrok lmao mufasa the lion will be like, ruuuuun bitch ruuuuuun... XD

  • Reduce food eat 1 time in a day......
    Drink warm water....don't drink water from fridge....
    At morning take warm lemon juice....
    Don't eat sweet at all.....
    skip rice ....
    eat fresh fruits..
    Drink plenty of fresh water...
    skip cold drinks,junk food,....
    Drink Alovera juice twice in week....
    it will help my Aunty had loss her weight by doing this much faster....
    I hope it will help u too...

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  • @davitchen I agree 100%.

    @kh1137 Do you understand Tempus Fugit and how it works? There is only so little time in a single day and should your mind be distracted from cravings, you will not even notice. The suggestion I am about to offer is only an example of how to balance a craving with exercise. It will not kill you to do this for a few days. Though it will kill you if you do this for a few years!;

    The Calorie Burner Meal;

    1. Sit down and eat a spoonful of food on the hour every hour. Chew it. Savor it.
    2. Get up and do an exercise at 15 minutes passed that hour.
    3. Sit down and drink a fluid at 30 minutes passed that hour.
    4. Spend the remaining 15 minutes of that hour chewing a sugar-free gum or using a toothpick.
    5. Repeat this until the food is gone and have a 2nd helping by all means or just retire for the night!

    Let me return to your health. Please use a BMI tool as the rightful law and order of how much you ought to way. Do NOT let a business be this law!


  • 214? How tall are you?

  • Eat greens and cut sugar

  • Good advice indeed. Greens and cut sugar. Sugar is poison, ya know. All the experts agree.

  • @bleuvolt 5ft 4in

  • 10 pounds a week is an extreme amount. If you lose that much for a few months, once you hit your target weight, you'll bounce back up in no time. Lose slow and steady. 4-5 a month. I know, it seems like it will take forever, but your body won't go into famine mode if you lose slowly.

  • @kh1137 DONT EAT




  • @hassan-hazem i have to eat itleast something to give my body energy

  • ok so here are few advices-
    1)eat everything like usual but only half the amount-eg :if u r someone who eats 4 bread sandwhiches eat only 2..the same way..everything u eat cut it into half.
    2)the sugar rule....in a day donot eat more than 2 tspoon full of sugar and not more.
    3)avoid sweets chocolates pastries cakes.
    4)avoid diary products-cheese butter ghee
    5)make salad with both fruit and vegetable..but with no dressing...except lemon juice...the fruit makes the veggie salad intresting to eat..and eat this as lunch or dinner (compulsory-u eat one serving of veggie+fruit mix every day)
    6)go for walking for 1 hr(walking is how you should start as u feel ur stamina improving u should increase walking -according to ur weight and height -u should walk a minimum of 4-5 km a day-slowly increase how much u r walking)
    7)if u find walking boring alternate it with other forms of exercises...but u must walk atleast 4 times a week

  • the most important thing to remember u will not lose weight overnight..so look ur weight once and donot use ur weight scale for a month.
    i promise you if u stick to my advices which are very very simple and easy you will lose minimum 4-5 kgs a month..and thats a healthy weight loss...and u wont regain it.

    u need to start with walking because u need to slowly increase your body stamina and make ur bone strong..
    if u suddenly start doing high intensive exercises u will break ur ligament or cause muscle injury.so walk and increase ur stamina...after 6 months of walking u will be in a better shape to do toning exercises which nclude HIIT etc

    best of luck!

  • @kh1137

    Research about the military diet.

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