• -Oscar Wilde

  • @kaia_ I think it refers more to having the humility to accept its transient nature and your relative insignificance, while appreciating how unique and peculiar it is as an experience. A well balanced worldview from a degree of detachment from your identity can allow you to better rationalise and weigh up multiple factors in situation assessment and allow you to better decide how to act and how to deal with things when they go wrong. They also give you openness to interpret and empathise with other peoples' behaviour, which naturally helps with relationships on all levels. Don't get me wrong, I have my own obsessions and goals but one of the keys to stopping them from interfering with my judgement or skewing my priorities in the bigger picture of my life is to accept they're absurd and in some cases slightly ridiculous, or at the least incredibly partial. This helps me form connections to others without imposing some extremely partial moral/behavioural standards on them. Then again I conflate seriousness with rigid principles, and with dogma a lack of universality. We might have different things in mind. Objectivity is easier in principle than practice. "Life is too important to ramble huge paragraphs at strangers" is probably the quote I needed.

  • There's no problem in taking your life seriously, provided that you know what your life is for. As long as you don't hurt other living things, or take what belongs to others, you're doing fine.

  • @Rompipalle can't disagree with you on that.
    Life is very short, which I begin to comprehend in a very real way as I get older. Clinging to annoyance, grudges, resentments, even dislike... just waste of time. So yes, seriously, but not grimly.. loosely...

  • Are you really sure?

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    OMG, you are correct. Oscar Wilde is my favourite writer.

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