• i must say , is the internet making you tired of itself , same , write your comment down below , follow me

  • I'm sort of addicted to it thanks to its past glories partly owed to its novelty to me at the time and due to the fact it's simply an easy way to procrastinate or escape (though increasingly less immersive). I remember less than 10 years ago people were more generally open to chatting, and social media sites/ places like omegle hadn't degenerated into the shitholes they are now. Do you remember a time when it was normal to regularly chat to strangers of the same sex for the sake of conversation? Conversation seems largely about exacting gratification for its own sake rather than as a by product of mutually beneficial, mentally stimulating interactions.
    The internet is a great tool, but one that reflects its times naturally, and frankly they seem rather stagnant. We seem to be increasingly disposed to imposing arbitrary moral values on others, creating staunch, whimsical rules by which we condemn them. We don't seem to try to reach mutual understanding and learn from each other but use the internet to further entrench division from our insufferably sanctimonious camps. As it's becoming normalised it's difficult to view times before all this mess and wonder if it's a recollection through rose tinted glasses. I just hope the spark of optimism (perhaps blind faith) that things can return to some semblance of sanity and reasonably healthy social compromises (or debate) doesn't die, though it's looking grim. The internet is full to the brim with lazy thinking. It's not that I take issue with people's core beliefs per se (I'm hardly a genius myself), it's not even that I take issue with them being upset or irrational, it's the fact they're so unwilling to even entertain other beliefs/ treat them as logical consequences of a multitude of events instead of something to be crushed according to some moral dichotomy. Now I understand there's always been ideological dogma, but to be told by people championing inclusivity that you're unsalvageably damaged (in effect what being called evil means) for what (they think) you believe in is such a stroke of backward, religiously minded thinking that I can't help but feel we've hardly come a long way at all to being open minded. In short, the internet best represents us as a species which to my mind therefore reflects unnegotiable failings in parenting and education. There's obviously enough hope left in me to even entertain typing such a post, but it's probably approaching its death throes. There's still easy access to tonnes of music though, which is no feat to overlook. Anyway, my life does seem to be more and more leaning towards finding a way to be left alone in peace than be pro-social, and the internet's main value is now acquiring materials for hobbies. This is a drunken rant so please forgive the discrepancies.

  • @Chilled-soup I'm not tired of it. The internet enables me to indulge any mood I'm in. Working, learning and having fun. It is simply a tool, and how this tool functions fully depend on how we use it.

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    @Chilled-soup I am tired of some aspects of the internet mostly social media. I find the ability to learn and read about basically anything I want refreshing and fun. I also enjoy online gaming with my friends. I don't think I will ever get tired of meeting new people and making new friends online.

  • It is undeniable that the internet can make you tired, however, it helps us a lot, more than we expected. We just haven't found out, so I don't feel any tiredness yet

  • @Chilled-soup Internet Is useful if you know how to use it . And boring if you dont .. and harmful if you dont know .. etc

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    @Chilled-soup I don't know which part of the internet you are talking about, but I am tired of all the information exchange the internet facilitates. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that just because ignorance is bliss, we must stay uninformed. It is just that every morning I wake up I see a barrage of negative news, something burning somewhere in the world, some inhuman atrocity happening at another end. It's such a sensory overload. But then, there's also pictures of cute dogs and cats from across the world, so I don't really know whether one would be happier with or without the internet.

  • Well frankly I have been frustratingly trying to use the internet to connect with people and have so far been unsuccessful. Mike.

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    @Chilled-soup The internet does not bother me. It makes me addicted.馃懢

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