What is the most disturbing thing you have found on the internet?

  • Now, I have seen a lot of messed up stuff. I've read some disgusting and disturbing books, watched disturbing movies and saw real footage of deaths and executions on bestgore. But NONE of these disturbed me as much as this one video called "akademgorodok maniacs". You can find the video by searching the name on google. It is not the gore, it is the screaming and the moaning of the old woman that disturbed me..
    So.. what is the most disturbing thing YOU have found on the internet?

  • @sarah-williams Blue Waffles. Don't google it. Or do it, I don't care lol.

  • @blooddrunk Oh.. well.. definitely disturbing. But I am more affected by psychological stuff. I got used to disgusting and gory things.

  • @sarah-williams So decapitation by knife and saw is "meh" to you? Because I'm willing to find that video, it genuinely horrified me when I was watching it.

  • @blooddrunk Are you talking about a specific video? or decapitations in general? If in general, I have seen lots of beheadings on bestgore. With knife, saw, machete and axe. I can stand the gore but I think I have a weak mind.. just a scream of a mother who lost her son can tear me apart..

  • Well, when I was younger I was horrified by just digging about "Daisy's destruction" in the deep web but now, after learning more about these stuffs, they don't seem to affect me anymore.

  • @sarah-williams Yes, a specific video. I couldn't handle it, I'm so weak to that. But I might take psycological "tortue" better.

  • @sir-devil Just to clarify, I said that they don't affect me because after learning more about these things, I have realized the things capable of humans and hence, these stuffs doesn't even surprise me. Humans are capable of doing things way worse than this (akademgorodok maniacs).

    I don't know if I should be saying this but actually, the guys in that video were nothing but amateurs; psychotic peoples fueled by their superiority complex. Don't get me wrong, I just said that because I wanted to get a point across and that is, there are people out there who, unlike these people wants to inflict the maximum amount of pain one could endure. They are the worst of the worst.

  • @sir-devil Yeah, I know there are worse people. And the ones in this video are indeed amateurs. But I couldn't find anything worse than this on the internet. It is hard to find real videos of people getting tortured or beaten or stuff you know?

  • @sarah-williams I would have pointed you in the right direction but I don't seem to remember the site address and I don't want to bother searching for it because I'm lazy. When I think about it, why should I even do that?! It's not like it would be beneficial for either of us.

  • @sir-devil Well, I know of "bestgore" but it focuses more on the gore part. I do not want to dig through 100 videos to find 1 actual torture video, and at the end it is not really torture at all. And, if you remember the site please do bother to write the name. I would not call it a "fetish" but I have come to enjoy these types of videos. This is more like.. "curiosity" I think? I want to know how far I can push my limits.

  • ok you may know of it but it is called two kids one sandbox where a chick is shoving a vibrator in this man's dick and it fuckin splits open like a blossoming flower