• Suicide is ending one's owns life, right? Once it's done it can not be undone. Depression is how you process your pains that slowly eat at your brain as you keep losing motivation of doing things that once made you happy, or maybe you were never happy. Well, my dear friend who is suicidal and reading this, you are the one who has to pick yourself up because everyone (What I mean by everyone is your family and real friends) does not understand what you are going through. We cannot read your mind so therefore we cannot help you unless you actually say how you feel and why. The whole thought of no one loving you is just in your head, people actually care that is in your life. If you're in a toxic environment like abuse going on around you, phone for help because you can endure so much tell your breaking point. You are in control of your life no one else, we cannot make you get up and do something for yourself, we cannot force you to speak and we definitely cannot stop you from killing yourself as you'll just hide it anyway. I'm sorry to say this next line but hear me out, suicide is selfish. Yes, depression is very real and hard to deal with or understand. You have family who grew up with you, friends you have bumped into and became a part of their life and if your in school teachers that know you or if you work you've become a part of a system where your purpose is important as everyone has roles they play a part of at work. You are needed and once you kill yourself everyone will blame themselves or will be in shock. Sometimes suicide causes a ripple effect and your really close loved ones will want to follow your steps so they can be with you. Is that what you want? No, no one deserves to die before their time, your time is not suicide that is you playing your own god deciding to opt-out. If you did succeed with a suicide who is to find you? The person to find you will be scarred for life and will develop a mental illness. It's selfish, you want the pain to go away but suicide is not the answer. The answer is finding hobbies, doing something productive, going to school and getting a job or if you didn't finish school that is okay find a job, build a social connection so you have supports for when you're sad, going to therapy and getting professional help because they will understand the science of what going on with you, eating healthy and getting the proper nutrition, getting the right amount of sleep, listen to happy music instead of sad (Search up the law of attraction, that really helped me out in dark times. Do positive things, say positive things, and think positive things and positive things will come to you. That's my personal guide of help), if your into it meditate or get into yoga, and get in some exercise throughout your day.

    My brother, the eldest child out of 11 children committed suicide. He would have been 29 today if he were alive. My other older brother was the one to find him in my moms basement on February 23, 2019. The image of his hanging body will forever be engraved in my brother's head, I have not seen it but I can picture it and it fucks with my mental health as well. We were shattered and we came together as a family to make sure we all knew we were there for each other because we don't want to see any one of us following in my eldest brother foot steps. Life is truly hard but it's how you cope with it and bounce right back up stronger than ever so you can help others that were in your situation and give some knowledge and guidance. That is the true purpose and remember that, you are stronger than what you are thinking in your darkness.

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