Hey you girl from somewhere I lost you let me guess a few more times I'm sure I'll get it right this time

  • Imagine being in an unpleasant dream, when the only thing you wanted was to wake up and scream. Except this was not only just a dream.

    It felt like I was in a sand trap drowning within. Everything I held dear is close to Disappearing. Hypnotized, it kept consuming. Wanting to be saved I tried to reach and grin. Only to be misread by my kin. Half sunk by the time I knew I was struggling, for to smile again I would do anything.

    Now that my head starts sinking, I begin to realise I'm actually dying. Unwilling to give up without fighting, gripping onto the bare edge even when it's tiring, inevitably pulled out by the rope that's always shining.

  • Are you lost babygirl

  • soul searchers

    i am daddy