Why is it so cool to hate on millennials?

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    *(for the record, millenials are ppl born between the years of 1981 to 1996)

    first, baby boomers called us whiny, self-obsessed & blamed us for killing every single industry on earth
    alt text

    *(ofc no one ever considered the fact that most millennials became adults during the great recession oops)

    then, out of nowhere, zoomers/gen z *(ppl born after 1996) decided to stab us in the back with roasts like these:

    alt text

    alt text

    i would just really like to know why apparently everyone seems to think that millennials are the worst generation ever to exist :DDD like i do not get it. at. all.

    i mean, it's true that some aspects of millennial culture are cringy AF, but i also think that most of this hate is completely unjustified

    so, here are my questions

    if you're a fellow millennial: do you think that we deserve all this hate?

    if you're not a millennial: do you also think that millennials ruined everything? or do you have a different opinion?

    *(thank you for coming to my ted talk, sarah out)

  • @sarah_the_magpie Nope, being a child of 1980 I just missed the bracket, but I've been witness to the period. Millennials ruining things is absolute nonsense, and it isn't cool to hate on anybody (I mean, Nazis are an obvious exception. And paedophiles. And.... okay, maybe I'll retract my statement).

    Millennials have had to go through so freaking much. From trying to pick up the pieces of broken dreams and a broken society they were given by the generation before, to being in the unique position of living through a childhood where everything almost literally went from sans-tech to full-tech in a ridiculously short space of time. They remember playing out, riding bikes, knocking on for friends, board games, not being able to pause the TV, whereas the next generation find even the concept of dial-up difficult to conceive. And it's a hell of a lot to process. I'm aghast that it doesn't get spoken about more often. You were just expected to adjust to the new norm as if it were the most natural thing in the world - and it very much was not.

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    @sarah_the_magpie I am 40 years old and have never heard of this crap

    Sounds like someone needs a scapegoat



  • I won't hear a word said against Millennials. I said to my nephew Benji, "Look, maybe you shouldn't train to be a fitness instructor, because there's only a finite number of fitness instructing jobs", and I said to my nephew Max, ""Look, maybe you shouldn't be a intern accountant, because there's only a finite number of accountancy jobs", and I said to my niece Emily, "Look, maybe you shouldn't train to be a website designer, because there's only a finite number of website designing jobs". But you know what? They DID manage to cram themselves in their respective offices -- just superimposed over the bodies of other millennials, like some densely-packed matter in the pre-big-bang universe, like ghostly double-exposures of some dozen-armed Hindu gods, and it's fine, and the economy has adjusted to accommodate everyone doing pretentious jobs and it's SOLID AS A ROCK.

  • @sarah_the_magpie

    It's a way to divide up the masses & debilitate millennials.

    Our rulers ( doesn't really matter which country )
    Maintain power by keeping us complacent & distracted.
    They do this in many ways, comfort & social conformity etc.

    They've lowered the quality of our education
    & Reduced entry requirements because now universities are more about indoctrination than education.

    They push drugs & sex through mainstream TV & music.
    They seek to promote "multiculturalism" knowing that there will be natural division between different groups + Agitate those differences. They are always trying to divide us. They push subcultures which promotes unachievable standards & unhealthy vices. This keeps us chasing materialism, creates unhealthy competition, makes us narcissistic & depressed. When you're self centered you're easy to control (divide & conquer) & when you're depressed & insecure, you're more likely to be compliant & consume to fill the void.

    We lose what we should be trying to achieve -
    ((Living for a higher purpose))
    ((Working to help our people//communities))
    ((Improving ourselves))
    ((Starting happy families))

    Lastly to answer your questions
    They divide the age groups & class groups
    Rich Vs poor // Young Vs old
    Politics (which in democracy is a joke,
    it's essentially theatre Left Vs Right)

    So that our attention & energy is always redirected away from the ruling elite (government, banks & big multinational corporations). We judge and fight amongst ourselves instead of wanting better from the people who rule us. For the last few 100 years, the elite have been slowly improving their methods of manipulation.

    TV for example, are called programmes
    (Because they're programming your mind)
    It's essentially Psychological Warfare
    Being conducted on a global level.
    Hollywood isn't there to entertain you
    It's there to control you.

    Apologies for the long wall of text
    But there is your answer ^_<

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  • Banned

    I as a millennial donโ€™t think we deserve all this hate. Just saying a some of our issues stem from our raising.

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    thanks for the well thought-out response!

    i totally agree with what you said, generations that come of age during big societal changes are always at a disadvantage. younger generations don't really ever have a say in how things are run, they're just thrown in the middle of everything and told to adapt.
    and if they decide not to adapt & try to do things their own way, they're blamed for being disruptive & not behaving like real adults. it's all very weird.

    i do wonder what kind of an effect our current major global issues (corona pandemic, climate change & political instability) are gonna have on kids who are coming of age right now. they might perceive our societies as being fundamentally broken & blame older generations for ruining everything. uh oh

  • @sarah_the_magpie said in Why is it so cool to hate on millennials?:

    they might perceive our societies as being fundamentally broken & blame older generations for ruining everything. uh oh

    looks furtively around to check the powers that be aren't watching ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

    They'd be right...

  • @sarah_the_magpie It is cool to hate on millennials if they are not gay

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    I think Gen-Z is the worst but we created memes and Im proud of that.

  • If I knew how to send a gif on his site
    I would ๐Ÿ˜‚ thank you kind wookiee

  • Bunch of disrespectful lazy fucks! Well maybe 40 % but they shine brighter.

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