• Freedom Writers

    They're playing our song
    Get up and dance
    We're young, we're beautiful now
    We have no cares
    Drop it like it's hot
    Shake what your mama gave ya
    Leave it all on the floor tonight
    Show me what ya got
    Hop on that horse
    Twerk that ass

    Uh.. no, no not me
    I'll pass

    I don't.. do this sort of thing
    This isn't my scene
    Not at all

    Slap a smile on your face, turn down the invite
    Stay in your seat
    Get reeeally interested in the red solo cup full of "punch" that your friend gave you

    Restrain yourself from running out the door
    Restrain yourself from murdering the guy that keeps grinding on you

    Pretend to bop your head to the crappy music
    Pretend not to notice the booze, the sex, the drugs
    Weed, Ecstasy, Heroin, Acid, Mushrooms, Pot.. just pretend not to notice

    Pretend not to notice the girl that's being lead upstairs, holding on to some guy
    She can hardly walk, can hardly see, she's scantly clad, one of her heels is broken
    She's drunk out of her mind

    Pretend not to notice you're the only one who isn't dancing
    Pretend not to notice you're the only one who will choose not to hookup tonight

    Tell yourself there's no place you'd rather be
    Tell yourself you're having fun
    Only a few hours left, you can do it

    You can watch another underage teen take a shot
    You can watch another girl "take one for the team"
    You can watch another guy pass out
    For some reason, you've accepted it
    You're numb
    You're apathetic
    You don't care
    This is what normal teens do
    It's life
    It's okay


    I hate parties

  • @thegoddess this is a grear story of anxiety and not feeling like you fit in somewhere, the beginning feels more like a list than a poem, but it does pay off when you get to the part of what you're witnessing. Good job.

  • Freedom Writers

    OI OI OI Thanks it means a lot coming from you

  • @thegoddess you're welcome. I look foward to the next great piece you do.

  • If hate parties ,don't go to them rather than doing this!!