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    I hate people sometimes honestly. I hate how I let people get to me. I hate how everyone tells me to stop giving a shit, but I still do. I hate it when you are trying to help someone and they throw you off like garbage. I hate it when you want to hate somebody, but can’t do it. I hate it when I’m called “RAGNAR’s bitch” and I don’t like being frustrated that that’s the only thing I seem to be known for.
    I hate it when people try to justify their bad actions by saying shit like “Well this person did it so it’s okay”. I hate being in total fear these past few days, and not being able to scream. I hate that I’m crying writing a damn post to people who don’t give a shit about me. Random people that I somehow for some reason care about. I hate that I’m not thinking while writing this, but know I’m going to post it. I hate how people brag, and I swoop so low to do the same thing back. I hate that I’ve become a self-pity user. God I hate it. Most of all, I hate the judgement I still receive. I hate that I actually thought my posts actually made a different. God damn am I stupid. Love you bishes, keep your head held high, and someone buy me some more ice cream please

  • A real man takes responsibility for his own mistakes.

    Sorry Willoww, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, won't do it again.

  • @i-am-male you didn’t do anything???

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    I'm just annoyed I seem to be missing out on all the drama! What's happening?

  • dod you're great! don't even trip dawg! you're a wonderful person all on your own. you believe the best of ppl and you bring out the best in ppl. I'm very glad that you are here on TWS and you are well respected and loved at least by me.

    feel better soon my dud, you deserve it!

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    You are giving a shit about nothing Willoww. Its like getting the whole shit out in one day while you accumulated it for months... Literally. :) But I am happy that you atleast pooped. Got all that waste out. Start Out fresh and New. Stay cool stay blessed.

  • I give loads of shits about you

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    @willoww yo i could buy you some more ice cream i guess :p

  • Don't give a shit about those people. If they were indeed made you annoyed and frustrated, don't hold back, just go all out and give them a piece of your mind. If they don't respect you, then they deserve nothing from you. Just don't give a damn about them.

  • "RAGNAR's bitch"

    smh... are y'all jealous that she got him?

    Damn, too many thirsty kids craving Rag. They just can't resist.


  • Btw @Willoww you're undoubtedly known for much more beyond what you may commonly get from others.

    Whether others mention it to you or not, you best believe it.
    You know there's much more.

    Regardless, what's there to judge about you and Rag? :|
    Any such argument seems quite unjust.

  • @willoww hey easy there. You are definitely not “RAGNARS bitch” anyone saying that is just jealous of what you guys have. I hate the fact that you are living in fear these last few days but things will get better. I hate that you are crying while writing a post, but the people who are reading this do care about you look at the response that’s all love and support from those that actually care about you. And who cares about the judgement, everyone gets judged you just have to focus on the good people in your life not the bad. You have a hell of a lot of people who care about you on here who I’m sure would all say you have affected/influenced them in some way or another. Keep your head up and stay strong. Don’t be afraid to lean on friends when needed, you always know how to get ahold of me..........and yes I’ll buy more ice cream and Caprisuns if you provide the cotton candy 👍

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    @korglife17 I'll fight you for him! ;)

  • Any moofoker who calls my girl "bitch" fuck y'all niggers in swahili. Any moofoker who tryna bring up the shit bring it, say it to my moofokin face assholes. Dont say shit to my girl, she dont worth it. You aint know what she facin rightnow, amd i dnt give a single fuck on what yall thinkin. She mine and fuck what yall think.
    Dedicated to all motherfuckers who made willow to post this damn topic with tears.

  • @ragnar you tell em bro

  • @football_m29 he’s not your bro anymore, remember? Youre his daddy

  • @willoww said in I HATE IT WHEN...:

    @football_m29 he’s not your bro anymore, remember? Youre his daddy

    hell no

  • @willoww 0_1515693848190_8A29921B-FB84-4A58-8F86-DD601F1804DD.gif

  • When I see clickbait title. Just kidding :D