What's the story behind your username?

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    there are some people here with pretty funny & clever usernames. i would love to know the stories behind them!

    so what's the story behind your username? did you choose it because it means something important to you, or did you use your real name because you're all formal & nice, or did you choose it simply because it sounded cool?
    tell me pls, i need to know

    also, some people change their usernames quite often (shoutouts to ash33 & fappy eyy), while others have never changed their usernames (for instance, me~). how attached are you to your username? would you ever change it?

    i'll start off the discussion by explaining mine. "sarah" is my irl name and "magpie" is a species of tiny monochrome birds i like. and yes, magpie is a bird, not a type of pie as some people have previously suggested lol

    now it's your turn!

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    @sarah_the_magpie I'm called NathanOnFire because I'm literally on fire. Please help me 🔥🔥 I'm dying 🔥🔥

  • @sarah_the_magpie i like the sunset and i like ANYTHING aesthetically appealing, and the name to me just, idk, VIBED. i have this thing called synesthesia which allows me to put colors to words or phrases or letters, and so i guess i just liked the outcome color of my username lol. it was unique, something no one else has, i think lol 😝

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    so BG stands for Brazilian Guy? pfft that's lame, i'm changing it. from now on, it stands for BIG GUY

  • @sarah_the_magpie My nickname mean me when I was a young boxer champion(kadet). Then I had to live sports life with two trainning of the day meaning. It was hard and satisfaction .. also I have lot of fights with only one match lost . That was my first match .. lot of my friends and family members call me Champ because except of the ring fights I had lot of life matches with lot of goods and bads things...

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    Picking my username was tough,Ive been through hard times. It has a deeper meaning to it than what most of you realise.
    Im obviously trying to be funny. I just kept it because I used to use "sup" all the time on chatrooms and it was also easy to remember when I had to log in. My password is super easy too. Give it a try and you might unlock the craziest dms ever. Right? @sarah_the_magpie ;)? 😉

    Also,another sarah posted this - https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/topic/12058/what-is-the-story-behind-your-username-or-nickname

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    i like the yin/yang theory, but it's actually camouflage for chess tournaments. i can land on the chessboard without anyone noticing and alter the results in my favor to win every time!

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    Mine is kinda simple... Whiterose comes from the meaning of my real name, and 4001 was my school's registration number. I would have changed it, but some people say it kinda draws people to talk to me. So I don't think I would be changing it anytime soon.

  • @sarah_the_magpie this should be ab interesting topic Sarah, i hope it takes off. I know what's behind your name. Mine was kind of a signal to other Scottish people to increase the likelihood of chatting to folks from here but it failed miserably. We are very thin on the ground here

  • @sarah_the_magpie Ok this is a bit of a fun topic and I have a feeling that @Scottish is just waiting like a bated hook to see if I throw my little hat into this one
    Ok the Lady part of my username kind of self-explaining, the 30 I added when I turned 30, after all, every decade is another milestone. The DoAll well that actually came from when at a friends BBQ party and I seen this tube" doall tool saver "had to ask, found out it was a type of wax to help with cutting tools used on just about everything, he called his go-to hardest working to. So doall became part of my nic. The Lady does all, as in all the work, all earens, all the cooking, cleaning and so on. Also a GREAT username it weeds out the jerks that go straight to the sexual side of thinking I would do em all.


    I used to use the name Brazilian Guy for the same reason as Scottish. But then I was like "ight... Time to start using my real name, but I will leave the monicker around as well..."

  • @sarah_the_magpie said in What's the story behind your username?:

    "magpie" is a species of tiny monochrome birds i like

    Why did evolution make magpies black and white? Aint no black-and-white environment that would require black-and-white chamoflage. UNLESS they're visitors from some kinda headmuck black-and-white dimension where everything is super contrasted. Or way back in history, were there lots of crows who had sex with white doves, and produced nippers? Or are magpies just constantly OBSESSING with the ancient oriental philosophy of the Yin and Yang, and that's what makes them black and white?

    It's cool if you don't know the answer @sarah_the_magpie

  • @Indrid-Cold i believe it's so they can sneak up on prey by clinging to the sides of zebras. Also they want to spread a message of racial harmony and sartorial elegance

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    @Scottish ooh yes, it's all a ruse. i pretend to be a pawn and slowly sneak closer to the opposing side until i reach the rooks. when i do, it's snack time!

  • @sarah_the_magpie I wanted my username as Rohan, but it was already taken by someone. So i decided to keep RoLn as I rollin with people easily like one of them and I'm good with it I guess. So Ro from Rohan and Ln from Rollin RoLn.
    This is the story behind my username

  • My zodiac sign and a nod to video games. That's it.

  • I like pumpkins and suffered a lot with the death of pumpkimon (digimon)
    And I have a pumpkin oc


    @sarah_the_magpie lol... Big guy sounds alright. I am big.

  • @Equinox ok, well, synesthesia, like i said, is a condition that deals with the cross wiring of your 5 senses. and it's not the same for all. for some, if they hear a sound, they smell a certain thing. or if they see something, they have a certain taste to go w/ it. for me, tho, i have only two types, though there are over 72 types. i associate letters and numbers with characteristics, like, one is shy, two is bossy, stuff like that. and the same for letters, as well. a is bossy, b is actually shy, and etc. my other type is where words and phrases have colors. actually, numbers, letters, words and phrases have colors. so, your name, for instance, gives me this cool, electro-futuristic blue color, with a lighter neon blue outlining the letters. my username is a sunset color from a light pink to a dark purple. it was pretty and made me happy, lol. oh, sounds have specific colors as well, lol. so things like music, a door closing, stuff like that. haha sorry 4 ma long ass explanation. 😅😅

  • If it matters I have no funny or clever stories behind my irrelevant username, completely nothing (Zero0)

    But now I changed my username and I will change it once again, without any doubts, so there was no point for me to post here. Currently, I think why I have done this

    Sorry, I can't delete this post, which means that following generations will be able to behold absolute inanity of the deeds of their ancestors and to be horrified by the brutality with which in our days THE TIME is being slaughtered.

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