• Evertime i get into something i feel like i have to infest in it and know everything about it..
    i can listen to a new artist and now Im looking up all the songs and and everything about that person
    that alone is not so bad but when you do it with EVERYTHING it gets overwhelming, i go from a song to another song to playing a game which i love to 100% all my games which is more on my mind, i think between multiple Tv shows, multiple games, movies more songs and not mentioning going through the day or home work i feel like i have to know everything about everything kinda like readying myself if someone where to ask me a question, but most of the time i forget and then sit there and try to remember what i was suppose to say and most of the time i'll rehearse everything for that particular question, and i think of every question i can come up with for every category , games movies etc. its been awhile since I've been able to have a peace mind and be in the present instead of thinking ahead so much and its so hard to concentrate...

  • @RandomCitizen123
    I'm almost intimately familiar with this. I do a similar thing, though I wouldn't categorize it as perfectionism. It's different than that. I would have to take some time to think of how to explain it. Pm me if you would like.

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