• Wealth has become a must part of everyone's life. Without money, no one can survive. Money is the thing which fulfills everyone's wants and needs. You need to be successful in order to achieve sustainability. Because when you grow up, you have to take care of your parents, siblings and yourself too. Wealth is what build ups the entire economy of a country

    If a country is economically strong, their will be more chances of employment, as well as creating strong entrepreneurial firms.

    But, one thing should be kept in mind that health is also necessary, but has a bit more impact on a individual. People should socialize with friends, family and relatives.
    Go out of your homes, do workout, hang out with people who are trust-worthy, and who are a source of motivation for others. Fresh Air is necessary for everyone.

    Socializing with your best friends is very beneficial, when a sad time comes.

    So, build your empire, and at the same time, socialize with people and work out, because mental and physical health plays the same major role as being a successful person.

    In-short, it's good to be an ambivert, don't go on both extroverts and introvert extremes. Make a balance between them

    That is I think should be the balance between health and wealth. It's my very first attempt on writing an article. If anyone likes it, do tell me

    Thank you.

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