My Daughters friend was beat to death by her boyfriend this morning. She was beaten so badly they couldn't identify her face...

  • I'm sorry but i am so angry right now i could scream... the postings about this girl have been all about her horrible life and choices... but does that make the way she died acceptable??? People are saying she deserved it... and that's what happens to girls like that.... bit nothing as to the fact that she was still a human being... and being a crack head has nothing to do with it. I have been in the situation and i am not a crack head or drug addict. The police here do nothing about it. One time my ex and i were in a store and grabbed me by the throat so i slapped his hand away and a lady worker called the cops and said i hit him. The cops came and i told them what happened... they asked HIM if HE felt safe coming home with me... what a joke. And please don't post that u don't understand why people don't just leave... ur right... u don't understand until its u. I called the authorities and he pleaded mental health issues... and he was ill and i was his wife... in sickness and in health... he almost killed me... in the end my daughter saved my life and begged the authorities to hide us while i was in a coma.. she didn't ask to be beat to death... no one deserves that.

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    @Still_kicking tbh this is one of the things that makes me the most mad. It's absolutely ridiculous. No love or compassion whatsoever, it makes me sick! If any man is willing to hit a woman he's no man. He's a monster and a piece of trash that should be castrated and locked in a hole. People are losing their morals.... Sickening!

  • @Still_kicking i tell people to this day... i thank my father. they look at me and say "what????? why!!!""

    i say to them "he taught me how never to treat a woman"

  • i know DV well thanks to my dad. i watched him try and run my mom over in the pouring rain when i was a young teen. oh, and he shot up the neighborhood with a shotgun. but ill sum it up this way with police reaction. my mom told the cops one day "my husband raped me" . their response "how can you have been raped maam? you're maried"

  • @mikeJB im so sorry... they said the exact same to me... thank you for sharing mike. It matters... people need to speak up.

  • but if you need a release for your anger towards THE BURNING BED. it is hard to watch but the scumbag gets his in the end (hence the title ) :)

  • @mikeJB lmao, weird.

  • @mikeJB its a sad state of the world though when boys have to learn by watching their mothers bleed... what is going on with the men in this world... i know women can be violent as well but they do not beat their men to death... not often... this is happening to women and children every day... she was just a kid.

  • @Still_kicking i am a grown ass man and to this day i still have nightmares and night terrors over my upbringing

  • Im sorry i wanted to correct my post... they found her friday and stated it was the bf today. Just wanted to be clear.

  • @mikeJB my children have been scarred as well. PTSD, night terrors, anxiety, etc... u r a strong person.

  • @Vlad20 i was with a man that had never had issues. We were together as teens and he was adhd... i never had an issue... then 7 years into the relationship and 6 years of marriage and knowing him my whole life he changed... he started vanishing and turning up at odd places... when i would confront him he became violent and ran... i don't agree with you. But u r free to your opinion

  • @Still_kicking i have all of those

  • @Still_kicking Well, thats not really a surprise that he become violent, if he had adhd as a teen.

  • @mikeJB and that's considered "normal" for people that have been thru... now their father walks around like nothing ever happened... he denies it all to his new family even though there is records of it all... the fact is its about lies control and manipulation. Not a womans bad decisions @Vlad20. It seems u r the blame the victim and that is very much the "typical" response. If a woman lies to a man to make them fall i love with them and then steals all his money and cheats is it his fault for being a gullible dumb ass? No. Its poor guy and shes a gold digging whore.

  • @Vlad20 well when rapid cycling bipolar kicked it in his mid 20s it was overwhelming... but funny hes with a new family and just fine now denies it all

  • @Still_kicking I did not blame the victim lol. Learn how to read. “Not to defend the murderers” Cmon

  • @Still_kicking vlad is an antagonizing troll and awaste o time

  • @mikeJB I was not trolling this time. Its just she doesn’t know how to read, thats all, lol.

  • @Vlad20 and as u say it u blame a woman for believing in love... honesty... respect... everything offered in the beginning when a man lies and manipulates... then bests them... kills them.... sorry everyone makes bad decisions... but im not buying ur "not to defend" ... just sayin...

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