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    Well I think that girlfriend and boyfriend are just two tags . If you are so in love , then you are lovers . But the world recognises you as girlfriend and boyfriend . Well girlfriend actually means a girl who is a friend of yours and boyfriend means a boy who is a friend of yours . So I think the people who get into a relationship can be called as love birds , lovey dovies etc . Coz that relationship is something really special and it is also something beyond friendship , so girlfriend and boyfriend aren't the right words to describe it .
    What do you think ?

  • I remember in the past asking myself the same question: why boyFRIEND or girlFRIEND, if you're much more than that. But I guess it just got accepted as the word by the community, and it got adopted.

  • Gamers

    This is how I reassured myself as a teenager... I didn't have a lover, but plenty of girlfriends 😆. My mother always refers to her female friends as girlfriends, so yeah, what you're saying is true

  • It's just a social norm to call it that. I think it has to do with being with someone of the opposite gender implies something. Even though that can be complete bullshit. It also could mean your relationship isn't as serious as an engaged or married couples is.

  • These are mere tags used by people who are afraid to commit, so they can live together, eat together, sleep together. But are too afraid to tie a matrimonial knot. This is entirely my perspective, no offense to anyone I mean. And before you ask 'No' I don't have a girlfriend.