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    so yeah because of study pressure and school I was overthinking so I searched for different ideas in different places but then I couldn't find any helpful Idea on internet or YouTube . One day I just came by an app in PlayStore called deepstash and there I found an idea which shared helpful tips for overthinkers . So the best idea was writing down everything you feel in order to express whatever you feel and think so I tried this today and I wrote 3 pages in a diary and this really helped. I feel like a huge burden of thoughts , feelings and emotions is taken away from my head . I feel free , calm and satisfied. Kinda ready to take steps forward in important stuff too rather than procrastinating.

    If you have tried this before or you have any other ideas please share. Thank you !

  • @Ashish_ I always find it helpful to express myself when there is conflict in my mind, and some turmoil in my life. Or when I'm just feeling down. Writing it down helps a lot, yes, but I find myself often having an internal conversation about whatever is going on. It helps to freshen my mind and perspective. I talk to myself within, or I actually talk to God, and it makes me feel so light; like a weight being lifted from my chest.

    Sometimes we are moving so fast in our lives with everything going around us so quickly that it becomes overwhelming, almost suffocating. So it's quite important to pause and reflect on how we feel, to regain our balance, reinforce our purpose and to feel calmer.

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