• I've got this strange thing with me...I think I'm asexual, I think I'm strange, I think I can be obsessive, I think I'm unusual, I think I'm a bad person, I think this and I think that, but on the other hand, I think I'm a hetero bitch, I think I'm normal, I think I can be indifferent, I think I'm average, I think I'm a good person, and I think this and that. But in reality, I just don't know. Is anyone else there? Where they just don't know who they are, where they're looking and trying, but when you try to figure things out, it just makes it more complicated?
    If anybody out there sees this, please, please say something. Coz i hate drama and overexaggeration, but i'm so close to the edge. i've been there for a few months, and it would be so easy to let go right now. To make it clearer, there have been so many times where I could kill myself, it's become scary. i keep thinking if this person would notice me or i could meet this person, i'd be fine, but i know i wouldn't. i'm just looking for something, for anything. please drop a comment or a like or a dislike, hell, anything, if anyone knows that feeling.

  • its normal to be completely confused about seemly everything. the problem is people aren't very good at explaining that feeling so for people looking for others who feel the same it seems impossible because they can never quite put it in a way we relate to. at least that's what i think. obviously its easier said then done but try not to think about it all. instead of trying to label yourself as good or bad or average or weird just go with it. too much self evaluation is bad for anyone. try going back to this post when you're calmier and you should be able to see that its blatantly obvious you're overthinking things.

  • and even if no one answers a post you make on the subject or something. understand that what you're experiencing is very normal and pretty common too.

  • It's gonna be okay, love. I know shit's hard right now, but it won't be always.

  • Oh yes that feeling of getting ignored or going unnoticed. Yup had that trauma myself irl.
    You know what, I never thought anything was wrong with me, I made a pact with myself that I am just not good at making friends or getting attention.
    I stopped trying and somehow ignored the feeling of getting ignored. I stopped caring and things fell in place gradually.
    Nah I am not advising you anything, just sharing my experience with you.

    PS- that first part sounds like a rap if u try 😂